Monday, January 6, 2014

Meet this week's Featured Designer!! It's MariScrap Designs!

Header Banner kit:  Anastasia Elements Part 1 & 2 from MariScrap!

Meet this week's Featured Designer!! It's Patty from MariScrap!!
She's got some wonderful designs in the Design Shop and
you can save 40% on all of them this week only!


Here are some fun things she'd like you to know about her!!
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Hello Marina, aka Mariscrap, a 37 year old, married and proud mother of 2 dear daughters (4 and 6 years old).
I have been scrapping since 2008 and started designing my kits in 2009.
I'm not very specialized with one kind of my hand-made hobbie.. I like to do a lot of different things. It changes with my point of view!!!

I usually scrap during the rest time of my daughters or after dinner instead of watching TV.
I often print my layouts made with my kits for special event (Christmas, New Year, grand mother)...and they love it!!
They think it's a good hobby. My husband is also proud of my creations but he says that it takes too much time!!

I use Paint Shop Pro and sometime Photoshop Element (for brushes...there is a lot of different kind of brushes).

It takes me long time to decide to say "ok, this kit is finished"...I always want to add something...
AT first , I have a theme and color and it changes a long the way...After, I finished my kit, I made some layouts
with and I always add more elements because it always seems like it's missing something. But I have to stop and one night,
I zip my kit and share it with my CT. The week after, I'm really excited to see the layouts made by the Ladies
of my's like when you open a present.

                             Check out some of the #AWESOME goodies in her shop!


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Amy Bateman said...

You have so many fun packs available. I love all the ribbon and paper packs. Sometimes I don't want a whole kit, just one particular piece that works perfectly for a project.