Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Month by Month with Albums to Remember!

Here are the ideas I suggested for October. Please share your layouts in the My Memories Suite Forum under my October Challenge post. You can use whatever photos you want, these ideas are just suggestions.

Halloween - Do you celebrate Halloween? If so take some photos in costume.

Kit used below is Halloween Dress Up:

Kit used below is Comic Super Heroes:

Kit used below is A Halloween Pack:

Pumpkins/Fall Flavors/Corn Maze - Ever visit the pumpkin patch or grow them in your garden? Take some photos to show us your pumpkin and what you do with it. Maybe you like to bake with pumpkin. Why not take some photos of the tasty treats you create with fall flavors.

Our family likes to visit the corn maze and have a Weiner roast with friends after.

Kit used below is Corn Maze & Pumpkins:

Ideas for November photos:

Fall - What do you enjoy most about fall? Take some photos and share them with us. Do you walk in a certain area? What do the trees look like near your home?

Outdoor Play - November are often the last days before winter starts. What do you love to do outside?


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Scrapping from A to Z with Kathryn Estry

Hi!  I'm Kathryn Estry, a designer here at MyMemories, and I'm starting my second round of episodes, From A to Z.  My goal is to give you a new idea with each letter so that you'll never be at a loss as to what to scrap or how to make your pages look amazing. Luckily for me, I have a brilliant Creative Team, and the inspiration layouts I use in this series were made by the talented ladies on my team. 

I'm hoping you'll see some things in my A to Z Blog Series that you want to try!  If you do take any of these ideas and run with them, I'd love to see your layouts!  Please post them in the MyMemories forum in this month's A to Z Challenge thread HERE. Everyone who posts a layout in my challenge thread this month will receive a surprise gift!

C is for ...


What should you do with all of those elements?  Make clusters!  It's really easier than it looks.  Just let your elements overlap each other, moving them around until you have a shape you like with just enough elements in it to be interesting but not overwhelming.  It often works well to have some softer elements such as curled ribbons or leaves peeking out from the cluster and traveling a bit on your page.  Here are some examples my CT made with clusters.  Now keep in mind that most of my page kits have coordinating clusters in the store.  Just look for other products showing under the page kit, and I'll bet you'll find some clusters all made up for you.  Thanks to Kabra for these wonderful pages with clusters! 

In these first two pages, made with Daisy Mae and The Fam, Kabra has clustered embellishments to dress up the frames.  

There's no frame in this one, but the cluster really sets off the photo!  She used Something Wicked.

A little cluster up in the corner was just the thing to finish this cute page created by Kabra with my Wheels Collection.

So, consider clustering your elements the next time you make a scrapped page.  You'll be a pro at it in no time!  Again, I invite you to visit my forum challenge, Scrapping with Kathryn from A to Z.  :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Photo & Layout Inspiration with Snickerdoodle Designs

Welcome to my new blog series, “Photo & Layout Inspiration.” With each post, I will challenge you to think outside the box, step outside your comfort zone, and try something new!

Today let’s think about “details.”  You’ve probably heard the phrase, “It’s all in the details.”  That can be true about photographs and digital scrapbook layouts too. Detailed photos, scrapped, can tell a wonderful story.

Here’s an example by Norma, using my Painted Autumn Collection

Here are some more examples of what I mean by “detail” photos, taken at my granddaughter’s 4th birthday party:

I would like to challenge you this month to focus on the “details.” Wherever you find yourself taking photographs this month, try to notice things you would normally overlook.

If you have time to scrap your photos, that’s a bonus!  Please see below on how to share your layouts. We would love to see them!  But my main challenge is to just think outside the box when you are photographing this month!

Note about sharing layouts from Cole:

We would LOVE for you to share YOUR layout's with us! Just create a 600x600 px jpg layout and email it to Cole subject line Photo & Layout Inspiration Layout!   With your permission, I will post it to the MyMemories BLOG Photo & Layout Inspiration Series Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.  Along with your layout, please do include Challenge Topic,  the name of the My Memories designer(s) and the name of their product(s) you used.   You can also post your layouts in the MyMemories Forum HERE

Thanks for joining in the fun! I look forward to seeing your pages!

Karen Schulz

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Documenting Your Life with ADB Designs

This is your story.  Do it YOUR way.  I write in my journal and scrap pages inspired by my journal entries. Two of my CT journal directly on their scrapbook pages and don't keep a separate paper journal. Others keep only a paper or computer journal and are waiting to create the scrapbook pages at a later date. There is no wrong way to do this, just pick up pen or mouse and DO IT. You can join me at any time with this series. You can scrap just the questions/prompts that inspire you, or all of them. You can scrap from the current question and go forward, or you can start at question 1 and move through them in order. 

Each post (every other week) I will share the current question/prompt and layouts created by myself, my creative team or scrapbooking friends.  

Note about sharing layouts from Cole:

We would LOVE for you to share YOUR layout's with us! Just create a 600x600 px jpg layout and email it to Cole subject line D.Y.L Layout!   With your permission, I will post it to the MyMemories BLOG DYL Series (right here), Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.  Along with your layout, please do include the question/prompt number and the name of the My Memories designer(s) and the name of their product(s) you used.  If you would like to post it directly to our MyMemories Facebook wall please click HERE. You can also post your layouts in the MyMemories Forum HERE.

Question 33

The holidays ...
Describe the seasonal traditions your family experienced ... focus this week on autumn and autumn holidays. (ex. apple picking, Yom Kippur, Halloween, hay rack rides, visit the pumpkin patch, trip to a haunted house...etc etc) I will focus on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah, and other holidays throughout the coming weeks.
Here are some marvelous layouts and the kits they were made from to provide you inspiration:

Connie & her husband attend Renaissance Fairs every autumn. Her layout is perfect for showing off those wonderful costumes! She used my new Apple of My Eye collection.

Dana's family (and extended family!) host a family reunion each year in the autumn. What a wonderful tradition and what a delightful photo. Dana used my new We Gather Together Petite Page Kit and extras.

Renee documents her grandchildren in their Halloween costumes yearly and what a cutie this granddaughter is. She used my Happy Haunting Halloween collection - retiring on Nov 2 and 75% off right now.

Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Designer Tip by Happy Scrap Arts!

Using Tape
by Happy Scrap Arts

 Using scotch tape in digital scrapbooking, did you ever tried that? You can use it just like other fasteners you use in your digital scrapbook pages. Like staples, brads etc.  
You can use them to attach a photo to your paper or you can use little bits of scotch tape and fix your photo on the corners. What about using a frame, with scotch tape on the corners so that you can use it on several photos on your digital scrapbook pages, you can fix more than 1 photo in the same way on your page. You can use a different scotch tape on each corner, that way it looks more real.

You can also use scotch tape to fix tags, ropes and even some branches with leaves and flowers. You can make wonderful clusters using a scotch tape to fix it on the paper.
And did you think about using tape just to embellish your pages or to use them as tags and write names, dates or other journaling on them? It’s a great way to use tape and make beautiful layouts.

There is also the embossing tape, they are really great for journaling on your page. The words are already on them and all you have to do is combine some of them and paste them on your page.


I have many tape kits in my store. 
Most of them matches a kit or collection so that you can use a matching tape for each kit.