Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Meet today's Daily Designer....Lins Creations!

I started digiscrapping years ago when looking on the internet, I saw a few layouts and wondered "how did they do that?"
I then set out to discover more about it and came across Daisytrail and the software digital scrapbook artist (now craft artist)
I made layout after layout learning from my fellow digiscrappers and admiring their work.

After awhile I wanted more and made a few freebies with my friend Amelia, we designed as Acrosstheponds designs and
after she decided to quit due to her health, I continued on as Lins Creations. My first store was Angelbaby scraps and I was
taught by two amazing designers Courtney digiscrapping and Kelly-Jo scraps.

I love to design fantasy kits and create things that tickle my fantasy like magic and mystical creations. Looking at a fantasy page
and for that brief moment living a dream created by someone else's imagination. Digi scrapping is a wondrous thing and

I am constantly amazing by designers and scrappers creativity and talent.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

What to do with those cute little characters with Syrena's Scrap Art!

What to do with those cute little characters!

We see all kinds of cute little critters, people, kids, bugs, and animals in all the wonderful digi kits out there.  Wondering what to  do with them?  Here are a few quick tips for having some fun with them and making some amazing images.

Put them in clusters of flowers.  If you have seen my kits you know I love flowers.  Just pop those little critters right in there among those flowers for an adorable image. Play with the layers and shadows see what works.

Another fun thing is to sit them on top of frames, borders, curves, edges of circles, anywhere they look like they are standing or sitting on something.

Have Fun with them!

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Custom Searching in the MyMemories Suite Shop with Albums to Remember!

Tired of doing searches and having to go through page after page of products? Did you know you can do custom product searches in the My Memories Suite store? You can see what products your favorite designer has in specific categories. This tutorial will show you how to narrow down what comes up in your search for products at the My Memories Suite store. 

Step One: Go to the My Memories Suite store and click on the "Advanced Search" button at the top of the store page. (See image below).

Step Two: A list of 3 categories will come up. You will see Type, Category, and Designer. This is where you get specific. 

Type: This menu allows you to choose what type of product you are looking for. If you are looking for template choose "All Templates" if you want to be more specific and you only want to see the photobook templates you can choose "Photobook Templates" and only the template sets that fall into that category will show up.

Category: This menu allows you to choose the theme you are looking for. Click on the arrow and it will show you several themes such as boys, girls, holidays, everyday, seasons, weddings, etc. Choose your theme. 

Designer: This allows you to narrow it down to your favorite designer. Have a designer you love to purchase from and want to see if they offer anything in the category you are looking for. Choose them from the menu and you are set to go!

Here is an example of a customer search for Album Templates with a boy theme by Albums to Remember Designs. Once I have all my menu items for my search chosen I press the green search button and check out everything that shows up. It's that easy! Have fun searching. 

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Extracting round objects from a background with KJD Designs!

Open any round image in Photoshop. Grab the Elliptical Marquee Tool from the tool bar on the left. Click on little arrow in corner and choose the circle selection to extract it. Before we start using the selection tool we need to highlight the center of the circle. Go to View>Show>Grid

Find the center of the circle, grab the elliptical marquee tool, hold down and , left click on the center of the circle and drag until you select the entire object.

NOTE: Shift key is used in Photoshop to maintain constant proportions. Alt key is used so the first click coincides with the center of the circle. If the Alt key was not used the first click coincides with a point of the circumference. 

Once you have your circle selected, inverse the selection by going to Select>Inverse (or press shift+ctrl+I) and then hit delete. You have now removed the background.

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Grouping in MMS with Designer of the Year Kathryn Estry!

I’ve just finished new PhotoBook created with Yum Yum Garden and wanted to let you in on some handy things I used in the My Memories Suite software in making my books.  In this tutorial, I’ll share about grouping and how useful this feature is, and then in a few days, I’ll explain about filling shapes and altering your shadows.

So, on to Grouping in MMS.  If you’re making a page with a lot of photos or elements this is really handy.  It’s also helpful if you’re working on several pages that go together or maybe a full book.  As you’re creating your layout, you’ll probably have quite a few layers.  You can see them, by the way, by clicking on the large L in the left panel in MMS.  Instead of having 15 or 20 layers, it’s often a good idea to group some of them together.  Let’s say you have an arrangement of photo as I have on this page.  

If I decide to move these photos around on my page but want them to stay spaced evenly, I’ll click on one of the photos, and while holding down the control key, click on each of the others.  When all 6 are chosen, I do a Ctrl+g, and they’re immediately grouped.  Grouping allows the grouped items to move as one embellishment or photo, and also to be resized together.  I find that on almost every page I make, I group liked objects so that I can move, tilt, or resize them quickly and know that they’re still the same in relation to each other.

Here’s another example.  

 On this page, I grouped the letters of summer together so that they’d move and resize as one element.  Since the program treats grouped items as one element, I can also copy it to use on another page with just one click.  In these last two examples 

I grouped the string with the three buttons, the two lollipop flowers with the bow, the large photo with the striped paper strip behind it, and the round photo with the sparkly circle element and the string bow. 

At any time I can ungroup the photos, letters, or elements if I choose as well.  I like to use keyboard shortcuts, so I select my items to group and do a Control+g to group them.  If I want them ungrouped, I select the group and then do Ctrl+Shift+g, and they’re ungrouped.

I find grouping to be such a time saver when working within the MyMemories Suite, and I think you will, too!  

 See my new Yum Yum Garden PhotoBooks in the store!

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Use It All Recipe Challenge by Scrap'n'Design by RvMacSouli!

Hi everyone!

I've prepared a special challenge for you! Follow this link to see more!

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Design Tips with Sugar Moon Designs!

1.  When putting together a layout it's a good idea to remember the design principle of using odd numbers. Someone a long time ago (probably the Greeks) figured out that the human brain prefers to see groups of things that are odd numbered. If you make clusters, for example, try using 3 of an item that is the same. You can make them each slightly different size for visual interest. To build up your clusters, just remember to keep your numbers uneven. You can use 9 or 11 or whatever, just keep it uneven. Sometimes if something just doesn't look right on your page, try checking the number of items and see if you've got an even number too close together in your design. Of course this is just a guideline - if you've got an even number of something and you love it, GO WITH IT! (You can also use this principle in your home when grouping items of decor)

2. Rule of Thirds To make a layout or photograph especially pleasing to the eye, divide your page into 9 imaginary areas with two evenly spaced horizontal lines and two evenly spaced vertical lines. Space your embellishments and photos more or less evenly or put the main elements in the upper third or lower third of the page. Take this concept a step further, especially in photographic composition, by dividing your area into thirds both vertically and horizontally and placing your most important elements at one or more of the four intersections of those lines.

3. Make sure your layouts have a focal point. A focal point is the most important part of your layout. A focal point is usually what you want people to notice first If you want your focal point to be your journaling, you might make the text color darker, if you want your photo to be the focal point maybe you make it the largest item on the page. The focal point can be whatever you want, but just keep in mind that a focal point helps people understand the message that you are communicating with your layout. Here are some ways to create a focal point: make it the brightest thing on the page, use a different or contrasting color, move it in a different direction or contrast it's position with other items, make it the biggest thing on the page, have all the elements lead to it, make it a different shape, isolate it, make it dull or faded if everything else is dark or bright. There are lots more ways, but hopefully these will give you some ideas!

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Creating an Album using Quick Pages with Syrena's Scrap Arts!

When I look through my personal paper scrapbooks the one thing that stands out to me is that each  page  is different from the next.  I have made scrapbooks for my kids and grandkids and each page is unique and tells a story.  Some pages are two page spreads and some are single pages.  Each one unique, created over time as I collected the images of our families memories.

I started thinking about how I would do a digital scrapbook for printing and for me I want mine to have the look and feel of the traditional scrapbook, as is evident by my digital designs.  When I began digital scrapbooking I could not find what I wanted thus I started making my own.  In doing that I found it was very time consuming.  However, it did lead to me doing something I absolutely love doing.  

It seems everyone is busy today, life is just zipping past us all.  So if you want to create a quick and beautiful album why not use quick pages?  They are so easy to use and you you can quickly and easily add photos, journaling, titles and even extra elements to them.  And by collecting them as you go you will create a wonderfully engaging album with something new at every page turn.  

Come on over to the My Memories Shops and see all the wonderful Quick Pages available!  And if you are looking for the traditional look of paper scrapbooks come on over to my shop I have lots of Quick Pages, I love making them.

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Recipe Challenge by Happy Scrap Arts!


I'm doing a recipe challenge. I hope you come and play around. I used my collection Dutch Party to make the page. You can find it HERE!

1. Use 1 paper on the background

2. Choose your photo, it should be twice on your page. One time on the right bottom and one time in the left upper corner.

3. Use 2 frames on the page, they can be the same or 2 different ones.

4. There should be at least 1 balloon on the page and 1 ribbon. You can repeat these on your page, 2 times or even 3.

5. Use an accent or mask behind your photo

6. Add 2 elements of your choice. You can repeat them if you like.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Using the opacity tool for great effects by Lil - LLL Creations!

Using the opacity tool in My Memories Suite with textured backgrounds can give you some very cool effects for your layouts.

Use the opacity tool on your photos with textured backgrounds underneath can change this:

To this:

Or use a textured background and bring in another paper as an embellishment, change the opacity of the top paper and you can texture any background.  
Opacity is the key.
Original background:

Same background with a textured background underneath, brought in as an embellishment with a reduced opacity.

For this layout I used a textured background and put the top picture on the page and sized it to the width of the page.  I used the opacity tool on the photo and brought it down to 50%.  I tried a few different textured papers under until I found one that I thought looked good with the photo.  Using the transparency tool on photos gives you the opportunity to add other photos to the page and make them 'pop'.

For this layout I made the top photo opacity set to 45%.  I used a textured background that made the photo look like a canvas.

For this layout I used a textured background and used a photo to cover the entire page on top of it.  I used an opacity of 25% for the photo so it would be very faint.

For this layout I used a textured background and brought in a navy paper as an embellishment.  This allowed me to change the opacity of the navy paper to 65% so the texture would show through

There are so many variations you can do to get different effects.  With the opacity tool on photos, papers and even embellishments you completely change the look of a page.

Play around with opacity and textured papers and have fun!

If you liked this tip, feel free to comment or come over to my facebook page and tell me!  Or better yet, show me a layout you did trying this tip!

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