Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meet Today's Daily Designer....Two Cute Kids!

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Hi, I'm Caroline of Two Cute Kids Designs. I live in Southern Nevada with my husband of 17 years, my 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son, and our 12 year old cocker/terrier mix. I love designing, but my #1 hobby is scrapping. I love creating scrap pages and memory books for my family.
I actually have a bachelor degree Accounting, but chosen the path of part-time bookkeeper, so I could be around more for my kids. I love my job of working 5 minutes from home and 3 minutes from my children's school and only working 3 days a week as the financial/ministry assistant at our church, which allows me the opportunity to volunteer a few times a month at their school.
When I'm not designing, scrapping or volunteering, I love to read, taking photos, traveling wi th my family and just took up swimming to try and get into some kind of shape.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet Today's Daily Designer....MagsGraphics!

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Meet Today's Daily Designer....Scraps N Pieces!

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  Heidi Most embarrassing moment:

When I was around 16 or 17, we were at church and It was a meeting where people from the congregation can get up and bear testimonies.  Well there was an older gentleman who liked to ramble on...anyway, while he was talking, there were some little kids sitting a couple rows in front of me and shot a rubber band back to me.  So I was shooting it back to them but, by aim wasn't the best and went all the way up and hit the man speaking on the forehead......oops!  Well the good thing was that he quit talking.

Can’t really think of anything embarrassing – I think I tend to put those things out of my mind.  LOL.  I just have to say how much I LOVE designing with my sister. I always thought we were total opposites growing up, but those differences have been handy when designing together.  She is artistic and creative and I am business minded and technical and organized.  Put those things together and we make a great team.  We have never been closer than we have been these past 5 ½ years that we have been designing together.  We make a great team!


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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sunday Designer Challenge!!!

Each Sunday MyMemories is going to bring you 2 Designer Challenges! 
Today's feature Design shop's are Digital Paper Crafts & Happy Scrap Arts! 

Shades of Green – by Monette Satterfield of DigitalPapercrafting

Recently, I took a “field trip” in my own garden and shot several photos all focusing on green. When I saw the color theme “Green,” it was a perfect opportunity to show some of those photos. 

I like to approach a page as a composition first and make decisions about what to include, the colors and element accessories from that standpoint. Sometimes, that means I have to leave more out than I put in, but to me it makes a stronger visual statement.

My first decision here was to choose only three photos, rank them for importance and adjust the sizes accordingly. With the images chosen, the paper background and accessory elements are from the “Grunge Distressed Paper Kit.” The brown paper is an interesting and subtle counterpoint to the green plants. The frames are from the “Sunflower Summer Element Set” for more texture and a hint of green to pick up the theme.

It sounds simple to say that the photos are arranged in a circular layout but it took several rounds of trial and error before I settled on that arrangement. Then, the paper tag and tapes are placed to reinforce the circular trip around the page. The finishing touch, the title, is simply stated in a font that resembles my handwriting but is far more legible.

I love to see the unique and personal ways that people express themselves with MyMemories products and hope this behind the design peek is helpful and fun.

Grunge Distressed Paper Kit

Sunflower Summer Element Set

It’s about a weird fantastic world I once explored in my dreams:
I was floating on a buoy, which was actually a giant donut, and I was surrounded by huge cute seahorses and a few paper boats. Both the sun and the moon could be distinguished in the sky, the moon was represented by a croissant and the sun was a huge half lemon.
I wasn’t far away from an island which was actually made of ice cream! There were flashy cocktail umbrellas planted on the beach.
I used my kits Beach Life and I Love Baking for the most of it. There are some elements from Paris, Mix2 and Happy Anniversary in it too

Friday, August 15, 2014

Today's Daily Designer....Designs by Helly!

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Besides my children, which goes without saying, my proudest accomplishment is the battle I've fought over the last 2 years to regain "normalcy" in my life. In the fall of 2012, I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder and GAD(General Anxiety Disorder), along with high blood pressure. It really threw me for a loop for awhile, leaving me with no will to create and a lack of interest in this business in general. But I've held on, and I keep holding on, in hopes that I will defeat this at last and create again like I used to. Just getting up day after day with hope in my heart is an accomplishment. =)

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August MyMemories Blog Train!!!

Welcome to the August Blog Train!!! 

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Meet Today's Daily Designer....Angel Wing Scraps!

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Hi!  My name is Jill and my designer name is Angel Wing Scraps.  I was given my designer name by my friend, Holly.  I am a full time mother of 5 kids.  I have 2 boy, Garry (12) and Joseph (7).  I also have 3 girls Emma (11), Makenna (5) and Logan Marie (2).  My husband is a truck driver and we have been married 18+ years.  I have work in several areas of graphic design since for almost 20 years.  I started out creating web sites and even owned my own business at one point.  I eventually found my way to digital scrapbook design and now that is my main focus.  I love making clip art.  I think that is my favorite thing to make.  I also make scrap elements, papers and full size kits.  I have had many ups and downs since moving into the scrapbook world, but I think it has been worth it.  I love all the wonderful designers and creators I get to meet.  I finally feel like I have found my niche.  I love hearing what others think of my work and get great job when I see my items put to use.  Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me.  Have a wonderful day.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Today's Daily Designer....A-Manda Creation!

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For my featured day as the daily designer at My Memories, I thought I would share a fun story with you about my husband!  We have been married 12 years, we have 3 beautiful little boys, one of which I just had 1 month ago!  My favorite thing about him is how much he makes me laugh. He is really funny and makes me laugh on almost a daily basis.  The man will do anything to get me to laugh, and I mean ANYTHING.  He has been known to put on some really great river dancing shows, but last year in December at his company holiday party he proved to me he would go to any lengths just to get a laugh out of me.  At his work party they hired a hypnotist for entertainment. When the hypnotist asked for volunteers, I was shocked to see my husband's hand go up! Never in a million years would I get up in front of a group of people and do something like that, but there he went.  The show went on for 2 hours and the man played along and pretended to be hypnotized the entire time, just because he knew I would be laughing in the audience! He did all sorts of silly things, and managed to keep a straight face through most of it but I caught him a few times even laughing at himself.  He's so goofy, and I love him for it, and it's one of my most favorite memories!

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Meet Today's Daily Designer.....Wisteria Moments!

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Hello, my name is Christine mostly I am known as Chrissy online, I am mom to three and I have 2 grandchildren. I have been married for 37 years and inherited a huge family by marriage which just grows bigger every year, I have 9 brother and sister in laws 25 nephews and nieces who all now have their own children but I have lost count of how many there are. So you can imagine there is always some kind of family celebration to attend, birthdays, anniversaries and lots of weddings.
I started designing about 3 to 4 years ago, originally I was making wedding favours, cards and stationery alongside lots of other crafts such as knitting, crochet and sewing. My first connection with digital scrapbooking came while searching online on how to make my own papers in Photoshop. I had recently bought a new PC which came with a full free version of PSE and I had no idea how to use it, but I thought it would be a good idea to print my own papers for card making to bring down the cost of my card making. I very quickly became addicted to Digi scrapbooking and designing. I love working as a designer and fits in with my family life just perfect being a full time carer for my Mom and disabled brother I am now able to work from home.
My main goal at the moment is to save enough to take a visit to Australia to visit my youngest Son who has been working at Sydney Opera house now for the last 18 months and it looks like he will be there for several more years, cannot wait to visit him but I just don’t know how I will cope with the flight, my longest so far has been 8 hours and I only just about got through that one lol. Just hope I can save enough very soon as I have made some fabulous online friends in Australia too and it would be fantastic to maybe meet some of those friends while we there.

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