Saturday, October 10, 2015

Scrapping from A to Z with Kathryn Estry!

Hi!  I'm Kathryn Estry, a designer here at MyMemories, and I'm back with another episode of From A to Z.  My goal is to give you a new idea with each letter so that you'll never be at a loss as to what to scrap or how to make your pages look amazing. Luckily for me, I have a brilliant Creative Team, and the inspiration layouts I use in this series were made by the talented ladies on my team.

I'm hoping you'll see some things in my A to Z Blog Series that you want to try!  If you do take any of these ideas and run with them, I'd love to see your layouts!  Please post them in the MyMemories forum in this month's A to Z Challenge thread HERE. Everyone who posts a layout in my challenge thread this month will receive a surprise prize!

Today's theme for D is...


Dancing is such a great part of my life that it's the first thing that came to mind when I thought of D topics.  Robert and I enjoy choreographed ballroom, but whatever your style is, get out there and dance!  Here are some pretty layouts with the dance theme to get you inspired!

Kabra tells my philosophy of dance in her layout with In a Cuckoo House

Kathy shows us the delicacy of dance in her layout using Dancing in the Rain and Shoe Love

Every little girl should get to take her father to a Father-Daughter Dance.  Here's Liz's page showing Elena and her dad all ready for the dance.  I know they had a great time!  Liz used March Scraps for her layout.

Let’s not forget the beautiful dancing at a wedding!  Lori used Forever Love for this layout for Ali and Paul.


Of all of my "D" collections, my favorite is Dear Santa.  First of all, I love decorating for Christmas, especially with traditional red and green.  I have some of my very own decorations in this kit.  The big Santa at the top is actually a wooden piece that I painted years ago.  He sits above a door frame in my living room.  The other Santas are some I've collected over the years, and the gemstone tree is a pin I wear on a red sweater. Watch for Dear Santa to be in my MyMemories store this Christmas!

These two precious pages with Dear Santa were by Michelle and Anita.

I hope you'll try scrapping the theme of dance, and again, I invite you to visit my forum challenge, Scrapping with Kathryn from A to Z.  :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Meet Feature Designer Designs by Lisa Minor!!!

Hi, My name is Lisa and I have been designing Digital Scrapbook kits and more for over 9 years. I've been with My Memories for a little over a year now, so I thought it might be time y'all (that's a southern saying!) might want to get to know a little about me!
My husband of 28 years and I have 4 children of whom 3 are still living at home and live in the great state of Texas (yeehaw). We grew up just down the road from each other in Ohio and I'm glad to say I married my best friend.
I've worn a lot of hats over the years both in and out of the home; chef, dishwasher, hairdresser, clerk, account manager, salesperson, ADHD student advocate and more. But the one I love above all of those “jobs” is Scrapbooker.

For years, I was a "paper" scrapper. I loved creating and preserving my photos. As a matter of fact, my scrapbooks were a minimum of 60 pages for each book.
I ran into one snag year after year:

Doing 4 "almost" identical scrapbooks , one for us, 3 for the grandparents, became something that almost always was over budget and frustrating.

I kept plugging along and completing my projects. They were costly and they were bulky to say the very least.

On a whim, I began looking for some free online clip art to print and make stickers out of to save some money, and then it happened - I ran across the world of Digital Scrapbooking - I started then and there, and never looked back. 
How wonderful it was to do ONE book, and just order extra copies for everyone else. How cost effective it was to be able to use backgrounds an embellishments over an over again, and how simple it was to be able to truly "match" 2 pages side by side in a book. How easy it was to do so many other projects with a digital kit.
I became so passionate about the art of Digital Scrapbooking that I began to fiddle here and there with designing. I was completely and utterly in love with the craft.

While my first designs were rudimentary at best, I loved this industry and other designers who were part of it. I began to take classes in art and design and learn from others, gleaning knowledge as I went.
Over nine years later, I'm still always striving to make a better kit, not just for "life events" but for everyday moments that need to be captured, many of them with bold and bright colors, and always trying to stay true to myself and how I scrapbook when creating.

This crazy photo of me is one of my personal “recent” favorites of my son Will and I. It was taken on his 21st birthday and displays how much both of us love the art of having fun with everyday events.

I hope that you feel you've gotten to know me a little bit more, and I hope that you browse through my shop here at My Memories and find that “oh so perfect” kit for those “oh so memorable” photos!
I am having a 50% off sale October 6th and 7th in my shop. My very first one ever.

I also have a little goodie for you!

Please enjoy 50% off Designs by Lisa Minor in the 
MyMemories Shop! 

Visit Designs by Lisa Minor on these Social Sites!


Friday, October 2, 2015

Documenting Your Life Blog Series with ADB Designs!

Question/Prompt #8 - Documenting Your Life with Diane, ADB Designs

This is your story.  Do it YOUR way.  I write in my journal and scrap pages inspired by my journal entries. Two of my CT journal directly on their scrapbook pages and don't keep a separate paper journal. Others keep only a paper or computer journal and are waiting to create the scrapbook pages at a later date. There is no wrong way to do this, just pick up pen or mouse and DO IT. You can join me at any time with this series. You can scrap just the questions/prompts that inspire you, or all of them. You can scrap from the current question and go forward, or you can start at question 1 and move through them in order. 

Each post (every other week) I will share the current question/prompt and layouts created by myself, my creative team or scrapbooking friends.  

Note about sharing layouts from Cole:
We would LOVE for you to share YOUR layout's with us! Just create a 600x600 px jpg layout and email it to Cole subject line D.Y.L Layout!   With your permission, I will post it to the MyMemories BLOG DYL Series (right here), Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.  Along with yourlayout, please do include the question/prompt number and the name of the My Memories designer(s) and the name of their product(s) you used.  If you would like to post it directly to our MyMemories Facebook wall please click HERE. You can also post your layouts in the MyMemories Forum HERE.

Question/Prompt 8:

Grandparents are a special part of most children’s lives. You may not have had an intimate relationship with your grandparents but even so, they provided a foundation for your experiences in the manner that they raised your parents.

This week, we are going to focus on your paternal grandparents. First the basic facts: what are the full names, birth dates, birth locations, marriage date and location of your mother’s parents? Where did your mother fit in the birth order of her family? List your mother’s siblings and all the basic facts about them. This is no small task, to create all these lists with dates and places, but it is important.
AND from your father’s perspective…what stories/comments did he share about his parents?

This layout from Connie is stunning. She used my collection, Great Love Ralph & Meggie (from Colleen McCullough's The Thornbirds) available HERE

This photo of PattyJo's Great Grandfather was just shared with her by a cousin doing genealogy. How wonderful and special to see an ancestor for the first time. PattyJo used my Thunder Basin Saga collection in this layout. Available HERE

Judy created this marvelous heritage layout using a simple background and letting the journaling and images take center stage. It is an amazing layout and I love it!

Another layout from PattyJo tells the story of her paternal grandparents in a wonderful layout using my "Telling My Story Mini & Extras". I LOVE that she included a picture of her grandparents home.  The mini is available HERE

Let me know how you are doing and if you have any questions. I love to read your thoughts about this series. Just comment below.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Scrappin' from A to Z with Kathryn Estry Designs!

Hi!  I'm Kathryn Estry, a designer here at MyMemories, and I'm back with another episode of From A to Z.  My goal is to give you so many ideas that you'll never be at a loss as to what to scrap or how to make your pages look amazing. Luckily for me, I have a brilliant Creative Team, and the inspiration layouts I use in this series were made by the talented ladies on my team.

I'm hoping you'll see some things in today's post that you want to try!  If you do take any of these ideas and run with them, I'd love to see your layouts!  Please post them in the MyMemories forum in this month's A to Z Challenge thread HERE. Everyone who posts a layout here this month will receive a new product from me that's not even in my store yet!

If you missed these posts, please look them up on our blog:
A ~ Action, Angles, and Arrows
B ~ Boys, Brackets, and Butterflies

Today's themes are...


We're all scrappers, right?  So it stands to reason that we love photos and we love photography.  I have a collection that is all about cameras and photography, Point & Shoot, so my CT had fun with it, scrapping their camera photos. Michelle features her husband, Judith shows a Photo Op, and in Rhonda's, even the littlest one gets in on the act.

I love Lori's page, too!  Not only does it show the love of photography, but it has angles, arrows, and action from my A post and a bracket from my B post.

Why not make a page or two about YOUR love of photography?


The simplicity of a circle can add a sense of fun to your layouts.  In this first one, Lori used a page that's splattered with circles from my Scrap Happy Collection and then put her son's goofy picture in a round frame.  Anchoring the frame with paper strips and a cluster finished her page. 

In both of the next two layouts, Liz framed Elena's cute photos in round frames.  Notice though that she did not use round photos.   A square or rectangular photo looks great with a circular frame!  One cool thing Liz did in her first page below was to cut out a vertical column of my big dots from the paper and let a darker paper show through the holes.  How clever!  For both of her pages, she used Anita's Prayer Journal.  I've had the pleasure of creating a scrap kit for each of my Creative Team ladies, and when it came time for Anita's, she asked for a kit she could use to scrap her prayer journal.  I love the religious nature of this kit, but as you can see with Liz's photos, it's not limited to this theme.  In any case, it's one of my favorite kits!


How popular coffee is these days!  I'll bet you have photos taken at your favorite coffee house!  If not, the next time you visit one with your family or friends, make sure to take some photos and get busy scrapping those fun memories.  When I made a kit for Robin, guess what she asked for.  Yep, Coffee With Robin was born.  Both Robin and Monica, as well as most of the other ladies, have enjoyed this kit!


My favorite designs for C are Cowboy Spirit and Cowgirl Heart.  There is a touch of the cowboy spirit or cowgirl heart in so many of us.  That's why I love these two kits!

Yvonne captured the beauty of horses in her layout, and Liz went outside the box, and her page shows us that even a cowgirl kit is open to just about any photo.

All of the collections I've used in this post have discount bundles, and some even have matching photo books and printables.  I hope you've found some new things to try, and again, I invite you to visit my forum challenge, Scrapping with Kathryn from A to Z.  :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Designer Tip brought to you by LLL Creations!

~~Creating  clusters for future use~~

Many people love to use clustering in their layouts.  Sometimes you can spend a lot of time making them and when you get it 'just right' it's a proud moment.

But did you know you can actually saves these clusters for future use?

I'm going to show you how.

The best way to do this is to start with a blank page in My Memories Suite.  (If it's a cluster you would love to save on an existing page you've already made I will explain that later.)

#1 - Open My Memories and select the page size you normally use.  I use 12x12 for my scrapping so my examples will be in that size.

#2 - Start creating your cluster on a blank page.  Play around with your layers until you get your cluster the way you like it.

I suggest after you have all your items where you want them that you shadow each embellishment next.

#3 - When you are done shadowing and you have everything where you want it, use your cursor and draw a box around all of the items to select them all.

(When you let go of your cursor, they will all be selected).  Now go to 'Arrange' and then 'Group'.  Your cluster is now grouped as one piece and you can move it around your page as one embellishment.

Ok, now time to save it for future use!

#4 - Now you want to go to 'Share' and then 'Export'.  On the screen that pops up choose PNG file type.  Make sure you change the options for 'Pages Included' to only include the page with the grouped cluster you want to save.  Also you can change the location you would like to save your cluster.  (Maybe create a folder on your desktop to save them in?)
After you have those selections finished just click the 'Export' button.  Voila!.  You now have a merged cluster that you can reuse instead of redoing!

- If you use a graphics program you can now go and crop it down so you don't have all the extra space around the edge.  If not, that's ok, it will still work!

- Also don't forget, these merged clusters are only to be used for your personal use or as stated by the designers TOU for the kit used which in most cases is PU only.

Now when you want to add that cluster to an existing page you are working on in My Memories Suite, just click on 'Embellishments', 'Add' and click the 'Browse' button on the bottom left.  Find the folder where you are saving your clusters and bring it into your page.

If you have clusters you've made on existing pages that you would like to save, there are a few ways of doing it.

#1 - You could 'duplicate the page' and delete all the other items on the page that you don't want in your cluster.  You now can go to step #3 above.

(After you save your cluster you can delete the duplicated page from your book.)


#2 - Select one at a time all of the items you want in your cluster while holding down the 'ctrl' key on your keyboard.  When everything is selected go to 'Arrange' and then 'Group'.  You can now copy that group of items onto a blank page and go to step #4 above.  (It's a little harder this way if there are many layers of items in your cluster)

So start saving your clusters and save yourself some time scrapbooking!

The flowers used in this example are from my newest collection called 'Floral Infinity'.  Come see the kit, the add-on packs, the bundle and the photo books using the entire kit.  On sale too!

If you liked this tip, feel free to comment or come over to my facebook page and tell me!  Or better yet, show me a layout you did trying this tip!

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