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Meet Today's Daily Designer....Kastagnette

 Meet Kastagnette! 

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Sunday Designer Challenge brought to you by Dillie's Designs

Today's Sunday Designer Challenge! 

Dillie's Designs
Ever since I was a little girl, I always looked to Autumn as my favorite time of year.  It was the beginning of the school year (yeah, I am one of those that loved school), Halloween was just around the corner, and Christmas was coming real soon.  When I married my husband, he too, loved Autumn, but of course for different reasons, he Loves Halloween.  So what we planned on doing this weekend is the beginning of Halloween Decorations coming out...It takes us about two weeks to finish decorating.
Every year the neighbors and us get together and form a theme.  This year's theme is "Pets".  Guess What?  Yep my favorite theme.  We will dress our animals and go Trick or Treat around the neighborhood.  Instead of dishing out candy, we then make a donation and donate the collection to a Charity.  Of course this year all proceeds will benefit the Animal Shelter in our county.
A funny story, a few years ago my husband and I thought it would be great to get little a treasure chest of toys to give  out instead of candy.  Within the treasure chest, there were some Kazoos.  Halloween night came and started giving out the toys.  Pretty soon, we were hearing the Kazoos being played all over the neighborhood.  The older kids came and that is all they wanted was just the kazoos--they also started playing them.  It sure was funny to hear all the kazoos playing at one time.  After that year is when the neighbors and us decided to do a different theme at Halloween.  
I love to design, but my challenge is to making scrap pages.  I have a variety of techniques, but I love to keep it simple.  The below  page is from my New Mini Kit, Halloween Bears.  Page is a double layer background, with realistic shadow, splitting the backgrounds. I love adding stitched borders around my pages, for me it looks like the page is finished.  I keep it simple by adding a photo, and a few elements, of course with realistic shadows.  I then center everything and it's done.  As you can also tell, if I took out the photo, I would have a Quick page.
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Meet Today's Daily Designer....Marniejo's House of Scraps!

Tell Us A Story.....

I am a retired 59 year old that came into the digi-scrap world totally on a dare. I am so glad that I took up the challenge, I love it.
I have been selling my kits for 8 months but creating them for over a year. Blog trains gave me my start and a lot of inspiration. I am so happy that MyMemories Forum will now have one.
Tradition plays a big part in my family, so that is reflected in most of my work, I love vintage colors and items with a bit of bling. Bears play a huge part in my work, I have to have at least one bear in each of my kits, kind of my signature element.
When I am not scrapping, I tole paint, my first love. As long as I can remember I have been painting one thing or another. There is just something about putting a brush to canvas, wood or a wall. I got into creating huge murals, time consuming but I love the results. Our bedroom looks like a Greek island with stone walls, ancient ruins, urns full of grape vines and other greenery. The clouds and water give such a peaceful feel to the room. Very restful.
My favorite memory is kind of strange. It was the first time I walked into my grandfather's old tractor shed. There were so many things to investigate and the smell was interesting. To this day when I smell old gas and oil it reminds me of my grandfather and his shed.
As for my greatest achievement, that was when I said 'I do' 33 years ago. I have the most loving and caring man in the world. He always puts me first, so rare in this day and age. Not saying that our married life has been perfect, but very close to it. I am content.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Meet Today's Daily Designer....Dillie's Designs!

I live in the beautiful state of Georgia where my job relocated me about 6 years ago.  I live with my wonderful husband of 25 years.  We knew each other 2 months before we decided to get married.  We do not have any kids, but our 3 fur babies keep us hopping.  We are foster parents to Brussell Griffons, who have had a bad start in life. We find them good homes, where they will be happy and safe for the remainder of their lives. We continue to keep in touch with everyone that has adopted one of our fosters.  It is so rewarding to find the little ones that perfect forever home.  We have been doing this since we moved to Georgia.
I am a manager for a large corporation, in the project department.  It is a very rewarding job.  Love the people that I manage.  Really a Great Team to work with.  I can go on vacation and not have to worry what I am going to come back to.
I started in the digital design world after doing a project for my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary.  After I finished the project I was hooked and took some CT jobs, then from there I got hooked into designing.  I have been doing this for about 3 years now.
Since this is football season, my weekends are also devoted to the football games and hanging out with the neighbors.  Each weekend, we have a "FootBall Weekend" at one of the neighbors homes.  It's a different home each weekend, and we really enjoy hanging out with everyone.
Well that's if for now.  My store, Dillies Designs is 40% off until September 15.  Enjoy and make it a great day.  Thanks for reading.

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Today's Daily Designer....Carolyn's Scrap Creations!

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Hi my name is Carolyn, or Carol.  
I live in Sunny Qld Australia.  My mum introduced me to crafts when I was little, I remember sitting at the kitchen table, making all sorts of crafty items.   I think I have tried just about every craft going, attending small markets with friends, selling knitted jumpers, ribbon embroidered dresses, pottery animals and assorted crafts.   My Mum owned a pottery shop for about 10 years, where I worked part time, making handmade pottery animals and helping her glaze and stack the kiln.
I got involved with scrapbooking in 2008, after my Aunt created an Album for my Dad.  I decided I wanted to scrap the family history and create a baby album for my daughter. While I was searching online, looking for items to print out for these albums, I found digital, scrapping.  I love the no mess scrapping, with items that are re- usable, making it much less expensive than paper scrapbooking, I was hooked.  But I still have a messy craft room where I occasionally play with paper. 
I became a Creative Team member, for a number of designers and I really enjoyed the challenge of working with the different styles of kits, if I had to describe my scrapping style, I would say I it is eclectic.  
I started out making some  free to use,  scrapbooking kits,  which are available on my Web site,  which  progressed into designing and selling scrapbooking kits,  I enjoy putting together kits for you to use.  

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