Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meet today's Daily Designer....PapierStudio!

Hello, my name is Silke Lemcke, from Papierstudio. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but I live in Sao Paulo for over 30 years. I am married and we have a son of 33 years. 
How I started Designing
I was web designer for many years, and changed my hobby by giving computer lessons for seniors.  2006 I met  Digital Scrapbooking and the art of creating layouts, digital papers, textures, prints and embellishments.  I studied Photoshop, which is now my preferred programm. Since then I never stopped designing!  
My greatest Achievement
One day I created an action in Photoshop (the action is a multistep process to be automatically scheduled and run the program without user interference). With this action you just take a picture, a painting or a drawing and convert into a artful background, inspired by this drawing. It is a great success in the world of digital scrapbooking and many designers and some photographers use this action to create their background papers (backgrounds). The result is always a surprise. I call this action SoftArt Action!
My sister Monika lives in Rio de Janeiro. She is my right hand at MyMemories,  because she does all the organization, uploads, setups and also some templates or quick pages. I love that this hobby is our connection!!  I love to teach, so you will find many tutorials on my Papierstudio blog!
Where I find my inspiration
My inspiration comes from the places I visit (I love Embu das Artes, a small town near us with artisan people). People often are surprised when they realize that I’m taking pictures of mouldy walls, peeling or stained backgrounds. The grain of the wood barns, old doors or even floor pictures let me create beautiful textures. I like strolling around visiting real or virtual galleries and watch ancient and modern paintings. And I also find creative designs in books. The online site Pinterest is an inexhaustible source of inspiration!

MyMemories is a very special place to be and I am grateful for taking part of this community! My store is 40% off!

Happy Scrappings!


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MY TWITTER: @silkebr

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Today's Daily Designer....Agnesingap Designs!

Hi!  Thanks for visiting and reading a little about me.
My name is Agnes aka Agnesingap. 
I am 41 years old. I'm a wife and mother. I have one daughter. I am a cheerful person and creative. I have been designing for over 6 years. 
Mainly I'm creating sets with real elements, which are interspersed with handmade. Preparation my kit is a long process. I create kit 3 - 4 weeks. 
A lot of my time is spent at painting on the tablet, photography items and promoting or listing products.
I love to draw and I love to create. I think my style will go throught metamorphosis because I'm at the stage of trying other projects.
All the time I'm developing and learning new techniques. 
My other favorite:
I like the sea, the sound of waves, good coffee and hot chocolate. It's my addiction - chocolate. I like trips to the forest, nature. 
Always accompanied me on the camera. I photograph everything. In my spare time I read, listen to music, watch comedies.
Recently I'm doing real scrapbooking albums, cards, and other oddities. 
It really pulls. My day has become short ..... too short ...... in order to realize everything I have in my head.
If you want to follow my news and the creative process I invite you to my
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Greetings for all  Agnes.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Today's Daily Designer....Katie's Paperie!

Tell Us A Story.....

Hi Everyone!
It is a pleasure to meet you!  My name is Katie McClellan and my design shop is Katie’s Paperie.   I have been designing since 2004 and it’s hard to believe that 10 years have gone by.   My style is heritage and vintage – usually with a lot of romantic elements and feel to the kits.   I love creating historical kits.  I do a lot of genealogy work and building of family history pages.
A bit about me – I am a passionate Francophile and love being in France and most especially, Paris.   I am my best self when I am there – confident, creative and impossibly happy.   My dream would be to live in France before I grow old – but then leaving my family here keeps me from jumping on that dream.  So, I work to create a bit of Parisian comfort in my home and my life.
I recently learned that my corporate job is to be eliminated in December.   This has opened an interesting window for me – and I have decided to take at least a year off to finish my two novels, donate my time to the elderly and just be in the moment as much as I can.   I will work on adding to my store here, designing accessories, journals and hopefully picking up more freelance personal historian work as well.   
What I love most about digital design is the moment that an idea materializes on the screen – the perfect blending of a pattern or when an element comes out so realistic.  It’s like magic.   I love too, the idea that my designs become part of your creative vision – and we as a community are so richly connected through this process.
My hobbies include painting - I am a watercolour artist, creating art journals and books, photography and writing.  Storytelling, whether in art or words, is my true north.   
I must admit that I am not all that social media savvy.  I have only just recently joined Twitter – @OnePaleRose.    My FB page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Katies-Paperie/.    
I very much appreciate MyMemories for providing me an opportunity to introduce myself and my art to all of you – and for hosting my work .   I have a 40% sale on for the weekend - stop by and pick a pretty to take home!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Meet today's Daily Designer...LadyR Designs!

Meet LadyR Designs!

French mom fell into the design are 6 years 
I love life and my family 
Creative leisure is my delight!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Today's Daily Designer.....Rouge Rhombus Design!

Tell Us A Story.....

Let me take a minute to introduce myself, my name is Lauren. I am the owner and designer at Rouge Rhombus Design, LLC. I love letters, the smell of fresh ink on printed materials, photography and handcrafted items. All things beautiful, uplifting and definitely clever are my inspiration.

By way of my professional background, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, emphasizing in Graphic Design and worked in the paper-crafting industry for nearly seven years. Then, with the birth of our oldest child, in 2011, I resigned from my full-time job to be a stay at home momma and design part-time. That is also when I created Rouge Rhombus Design, LLC. Since then, I have worked as a design consultant for a number of amazing companies, including MyMemories.com.

I love dark chocolate, pizza and binge watching TV series’ after the entire season is complete. I am also guilty of reading the last page of a book before I finish the first chapter. I am prone to wonder and love hiking, the outdoors and travel. Especially when it involves spending time with family.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Meet today's Daily Designer...Keystone Scraps!

Meet Keystone Scraps! 

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Meet today's Daily Designer....Lisa Rosa Designs!

Tell Us A Story....

My name is Lisa Rosa, I'm a 36 year old Brazilian girl, married and proud mother of two young ladies, ages 14 and 19. I live with my hubby and my 8 lovely cats in a small town in EspĂ­rito Santo.

When I’m not designing, I like to sew, read, and watch movies and shows... and spend time with my family and friends! I know it’s clichĂ©, but I just love spending time with all of them: my daughters, my hubby, my mom and stepfather, my brother and sister, my aunt and cousins, all of my friends. My oldest daughter is now living in Netherlands, with my sister and brother in law, and I greatly enjoy catching up with her on Skype! I also love just sitting outside with my cats, playing and snuggling.

I started on digital scrapping about nine years ago. I went to visit a girl friend who was sick at home. She was on her computer creating a very cute tag. I was fascinated by this and she introduced me to a group of tag classes. It was my first step into this amazing digi world! I learned a lot in these tag class groups and soon after started digital scrapbooking. But I started designing only two years ago... or almost.

I always thought of designing my own kits, but could never find the time to learn about it. Then, on November 2012, my husband and I found out he had cancer (he had a surgery in December 2012 and is fine now!) I left my job to take care of him, and started working at home as an independent programmer. Between one code and another, when I felt I was going crazy and my brain was about to fail, I found time to study about the process of creating a scrapbook kit. Once I created my first one, I couldn’t stop…I had found my passion.

I love putting together a kit, element after element, paper after paper, and seeing what I had in mind becoming real. When I see this kit I have made being used by people to document their lives and preserve their most precious memories… I don’t have the words to describe how that makes me feel.

My inspiration comes from the most random things: events in my own or my families and friends lives, music or a movie, a magazine ad, an overheard conversation, the color of a shirt, a dream, or things I hope to do. Anything that catches my attention or warms my heart can become my inspiration.

When designing, I use Illustrator and Photoshop CS6.  But besides digital scrapbooking design, I also work with web design, mainly with dynamic pages programming, therefore Dreamweaver is another tool I can't live without.

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