Monday, March 27, 2017

Scrappin' from A to Z with Kathryn Estry

Hi!  I'm Kathryn Estry, a designer here at MyMemories, and this is my second round of episodes, From A to Z.  My goal is to give you a new idea with each letter so that you'll never be at a loss as to what to scrap or how to make your pages look amazing. Luckily for me, I have a brilliant Creative Team, and the inspiration layouts I use in this series were made by the talented ladies on my team. 

I'm hoping you'll see some things in my A to Z Blog Series that you want to try!  If you do take any of these ideas and run with them, I'd love to see your layouts!  Please post them in the MyMemories forum in this month's A to Z Challenge thread HERE. Everyone who posts a layout in my challenge thread this month will receive a surprise gift!

N is for ...

No Photos!

Most of us scrap our photos.  Sometimes you can make layouts without any photos at all, and they come out really pretty.  Here are some examples created by Michelle.  This wonderful lady just recently left this world and will be missed by so many.  She had been a designer who worked with me and then she joined my Creative Team and has worked with me for about 10 years.  Enjoy some of her beautiful pages.  The kits she used were Changing Lives, Holly Jollies, June Scraps, Leprechaun Alley, Snow Bird, and The Fam.

I hope you consider making some pages without photos. If you do, make sure to post them in my forum challenge, Scrapping with Kathryn from A to Z! Remember everyone who posts a layout gets you a free gift from me.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Meet feature designer Happy Scrap Art



My name is Eileen, AKA Happy Scrap Arts and I'm Dutch but I live in France since 1988. I have to kids, a girl, Laetitia 24 years old and boy Thomas, 21 years old.
I'm scrapping for more than 10 years know and I'm a designer for about 8 years.
My favorite thing to create is masks. I just love to make them. Starting from a simple square or circle for exemple I build them up using brushes, the eraser, doodles etc. Masks are great to use on photos but also on background papers or just with colors. It gives great effects to a page. I make one for eacht kit in general, or I make a matching set to go with the kit. I also host a mask challenge in the forum where I give a new mask each month for you to play with.
You can join me here:

I have lot of masks in my store. You can see most of them here:

Here are some examples:

A new set is available matching with the MyMemories Blogtrain
Nature Masks
It matches perfectly with my new Collection Nature and the MyMemories Blogtrain

Look at the beautiful pages made by my CT with this masks:

My blog, face book fan page

My store at My Memories

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Using the mask feature in MyMemories Suite

Masks are embellishments that have a photo fill effect applied to them. This feature is available in MyMemories Suite Version 7 & 8

Below are the steps on how to use the mask feature:

1. Add the embellishment mask to your page.
2. With the embellishment selected, click on the photo icon, under the embellishments control panel.
3. Select a photo from your computer, and click ok.
4. The selected image will fill the .png image on the page.

The image fill may appear a little blurry as it is a subsampled version of the original photo.  To get a good idea for how the image will actually look in the filled embellishment go to the Album menu > Preview > Print Quality, or export your pages as a JPG and review the JPG.

Check out some of the masks in the Design Shop! 


click image to visit the design shop

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Documenting your life with ADB Designs

This is your story.  Do it YOUR way.  I write in my journal and scrap pages inspired by my journal entries. Two of my CT journal directly on their scrapbook pages and don't keep a separate paper journal. Others keep only a paper or computer journal and are waiting to create the scrapbook pages at a later date. There is no wrong way to do this, just pick up pen or mouse and DO IT. You can join me at any time with this series. You can scrap just the questions/prompts that inspire you, or all of them. You can scrap from the current question and go forward, or you can start at question 1 and move through them in order. 

Each post (every other week) I will share the current question/prompt and layouts created by myself, my creative team or scrapbooking friends.  

Note about sharing layouts from Cole:

We would LOVE for you to share YOUR layout's with us! Just create a 600x600 px jpg layout and email it to Cole subject line D.Y.L Layout!   With your permission, I will post it to the MyMemories BLOG DYL Series (right here), Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.  Along with your layout, please do include the question/prompt number and the name of the My Memories designer(s) and the name of their product(s) you used.  If you would like to post it directly to our MyMemories Facebook wall please click HERE. You can also post your layouts in the MyMemories Forum HERE.
I am wishing for spring to come. There is snow on the ground again and spring feels remote. I was browsing the Metropolitan Museum of Art website (as I find myself doing on a regular basis...I find it restful and energizing at the same time!) and I came upon this photo of the Auguste Renoir painting "In the Meadow"; the painting inspired me to create my just released mega collection by the same name. Here is a link to their website, if you would like to browse too:


Do you enjoy painting, drawing, quilting, keeping a journal or other special craft or talent? What is your favorite color? What kind of art of music inspires you? Is there a painting or a song or a poem that holds special meaning in your life? What things of beauty do you treasure most?

I know this is more than one question/prompt but I hope some part of it will resonate with you and provide inspiration for your scrapping about yourself.

Here are some images for you to enjoy from my Creative Team featuring the IN THE MEADOW collection.






Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Meet feature designer Designs by Lisa Minor

Hi, I'm Lisa from Designs by Lisa Minor. I'm assuming you're here because you just love scrapbooking! I do too!  With over 70 pages a year for my family scrapbook, it obviously has to be a passion.  I love preserving memories and I love designing kits. 

I love to design kits from the everyday to the special event.  As our kids get a little older (ages 30-15), it can become a little more difficult to do a layout with them.  They don't like to pose for photos as much, and taking photos of them at the park is a ridiculous request (according to them, but I still ask). I am a simple scrapper, but I do love clusters and borders, because they can make a page go so quickly!

You'll find I have 2 fabulous New "Year in Review" Collections to help you along!  

I also have a fabulous LIMITED TIME FREEBIE!