Sunday, September 27, 2009

Slice & Dice... isn't that nice???

Welcome to “The Suite Life!”

We are really excited to share this new edition of the My Memories Suite newsletter that will bring you great “Tips & Tricks”, new products, wonderful bargains, a few surprises, and much, much more!  Make sure you read each time for helpful hints, ideas and products that will help to make your pages come alive!
Today, we want to share a tip that comes from one of our Facebook fans,
Judy St. John.  Judy has a wealth of knowledge and enjoys helping people
learn how to get the most of their My Memories Suite software.  Below is her
step-by-step guide to a “Slice & Dice” technique that can give your photos,
papers and mats a great new look.

Judy has been scrapbooking for many, many years—first traditionally with all
of the paper stuff and mess that goes along with it, and now digitally for the
last 8 years.   “I will take digital any day!” says Judy.  “I have always done
most of my digital creating in Adobe Photoshop, but that is a program that
has a huge learning curve!  So, when I found My Memories Suites, it was a
dream come true because I have so many people who want to do digital
scrapbooks, but do not want the expense and learning curve of the Adobe
products.  MMS is the perfect program.”

So, check out her “Slice & Dice” technique below—and don't forget to
post your pages to the Facebook page for us to see.

We look forward to you living THE SUITE LIFE with us!

CREATIVE TIP: Slice & Dice
“Slice & Dice” a photo using the My Memories Suite software
(Note:  Some sample pages from Judy are provided here to illustrate
how this technique can be used)

STEP 1: Open the My Memories Suite software and create a new project

STEP 2: Click on the “Photos” tab at the right of your page

STEP 3: Click on the “Add Photo Box” button to add an empty photo box onto your page.

STEP 4: Now YOU are the creator and get to decide how many picture slices you want (an odd number works out best for good design).  You can copy and paste your empty photo box by right-clicking or using the copy and paste tools in the toolbar to add more duplicate photo boxes.

STEP 5: Now adjust each photo box into the desired size and shape you want (e.g., tall and narrow, short and wide, etc.). With all your photo boxes adjusted to the size and shape you want, you are ready to slice and dice your photo.

STEP 6: Double click on one of your photo boxes to begin.  My Memories Suite automatically brings up a file directory for you to browse to wherever your photos are located on your computer.  Find the picture you want and click OK.

STEP 7: You will now see the shape of your selected photo box layered over the photo you have just chosen.  You can now crop the visible area of your picture by moving this “photo box” layer around on top of your image until you like what you see—then click OK.

STEP 8: Your photo box is now filled with the image area you selected of your photo.  You can now repeat STEPS 6 & 7 for your remaining photo boxes using the same image.  Adjust the visible image area to create a sequence of the same image.

When you are done with your “slicing and dicing” you can then go to each photo box to add rotation, picture mats, and shadows.

STEP 9: To rotate, select each of your photo boxes individually and then use the “Rotate Slider” to tip each one ever so slightly to keep the proper perspective and sequence of the image (best to enter the numbers yourself for complete control).

STEP 10: Add a narrow mat by selecting your photo boxes individually and clicking the Mat button in the tab to the right of the page.

STEP 11:
Add drop shadows to your photo boxes by selecting them and adding a shadow to each.  (Note:  The shadow settings used in the example images is with an opacity 54% and a blur of 4).


Enjoy creating!

Thanks again to Judy for sharing this great technique with us!  We look forward to any “Tips & Tricks” you may have about My Memories Suite.   Don't forget to drop by the Design Shop to see the New Designs and the free stuff.

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Lisa J.

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