Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great Family Gift Idea!

Good evening friends!  As the weather starts to cool off and the we get ready to greet a new month, our thoughts start to turn to gift giving for the upcoming Holiday season.  There are SO many things you can create with My Memories Suite that make perfect gifts for special friends, family, teachers, neighbors, etc.  Brooke and Beth have shared some awesome ideas the past couple weeks and today I want to share one of my favorites!  For many years in the past, I have created a wonderful gift for my family at Christmas.  I have bought individual calendars for each extended family, grandparents, close friends, etc.  I made sure I took time at each holiday during the year to search out little stickers and goodies to mark each special date on the calendar.  A friend and I used to order Mrs. Grossman's stickers by the roll to make sure we had enough to get through each "calendar" season.  We would hunt out birthday stickers, Easter stickers, Halloween stickers - and on and on and on!  We would lay out stacks of calendars across the dining room table, living room floor and try to keep the list straight that went with each family's specialized list.  Well, needless to say it was a LOT of work!  But it was my Nana's FAVORITE gift (and who can say NO to their Nana???)  Well, fast forward a few years and now we have My Memories Suite software, and out calendar project goes from cumbersome and time consuming to a TRUE treat!  I can still create each family's special calendar with pictures to notate each special birthday and anniversary... I can still mark each special holiday with a great graphic or embellishment - I just NEVER run out of anything now!  No more ordering rolls of stickers or shopping for the entire year so I don't miss a holiday for my sticker stash.  It is ALL accessible in MMS.  If I find a great birthday embellishment I can use it 2 times or 200 times!  I group my extended families together and complete their calendar, mark each of their birthdays, anniversaries, and special events - from the first day of school to a special graduation.  Then, I just upload the whole project using the CALENDAR option in SHARE ALBUM option in My Memories Suite software - and I am DONE!!!  No more stacks of sticker and backing paper scraps all over my living room!

It is a truly wonderful way to share a gift that KEEPS ON GIVING ALL YEAR with your family and then they have the calendar to keep for the memories!  It is truly a treasure!  Just wish my Nana was still here, she would LOVE this!  Here are a couple pages from the upcoming project I am working on!

To get you going on the project BEFORE the holiday rush, we are offering this great promotion this week... spend a minimum of $5.00 in the Design Shop and RECEIVE the OUR MEMORIES CALENDAR template set for FREE - Just use the PROMO CODE: "OURMEMORIESCAL"  at checkout!!

Have a great night... and don't forget to make a memory today! 

<3 Lisa J.




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