Wednesday, June 24, 2009

User Tip: Making Your Titles and Text POP!

Today’s Tidbit by guest Lisa Jurrens:

Making your text POP off the page is a great way to spice up your pages! Here’s a little trick to help make that happen! Choose a font and “headline” or text for your page. Add a DROP SHADOW and adjust it to suit your taste (this is done by clicking and “dragging” the shadow to the desired position in the “drop shadow/shadow properties” box). After it looks good, click “OK”. Now click the “COPY” button in your top menu, and then the “PASTE” button in your top menu. This will create an exact duplicate of the headline or text. Then change the color of the duplicate text and layer them one over the other. You will get a different effect if you do black over white, or white over black – or a color over the black or white. It almost gives your text a 3-D appearance! Play around with it and see what you come up with!

The page below shows some basic examples, so you can *see* what I mean!


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Stop and smell the Daisies said...

This sounds like a great concept, but the photo is not showing up. Would it be possible to re-post this on FB so I can see it?

Lisa J. said...

Hi *Daisy* I will see if I can get it redone and repost it! It looks like we lost a few things when we switched over to the new blog format! Thanks for the note - this is a great fun trick to use to make your text and titles really jump off the page!

Lisa J.