Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How-to Create a Digital Photo Collage

img_digitalphotohowlg_ss1I was surfing around some of my favorite scrapbooking websites this afternoon and an article title caught my eye. It was called "How to Create a Digital Photo Collage" on Scrapbook, Etc by Tracy Kyle. I opened the article and read through the 11 pages of instructions (mostly images) on how to create this type of layout in Photoshop. But my attention is very limited in the afternoon and I decided to try the same thing in My Memories Suite.

The baby layout below was the end result. I simply opened up a blank page in My Memories Suite, starting from scratch. I then dropped in "photo blocks" where I need them and then drag & dropped my photos into place.

So here's a Tip for Photoshop Users: Skip your normal program and use My Memories Suite to create great collages in minutes. And the great thing about doing a photo collage in My Memories Suite is that the program does all the work for you, it resizes the photo automatically to fit within the photo box. I only had to center and zoom in a bit on a couple photos and I was done!


Photographer: Wendi Coombs. If you're in Northern Utah and need a great photographer that is inexpensive and will come to YOU, let me know and I'll get you her contact information.

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