Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From Photoshop to My Memories Suite

dude-collection_05-sample-layout-handsome-boy-by-lallred_lrg I thought it would be fun to try a theory of mine out and I was so thrilled with the results I had to share on the blog.

I originally created this layout a while back when the Ette's first shared their new Dude Collection with me. I couldn't wait to scrapbook something, so I threw a few items into Photoshop and created this layout. But then I needed a sample layout for a project for My Memories Suite and figured I'd recreate it. I tell all my friends that I can pretty much create anything in My Memories Suite that they design in Photoshop.

testing-001So I opened up My Memories Suite and started with a blank page and started creating my layout. I didn't have the original to look at so I forgot about the extra green circle and arrows and I couldn't find the same photo. But I think they're pretty darn close and I was very excited to show my friends the results. I actually showed them the two layouts, side-by-side and asked them to pick which one was done in My Memories Suite and which in Photoshop. They couldn't figure it out!!!

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