Sunday, April 12, 2009

Designer Spotlight: The Ettes & Company

[caption id="attachment_67" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Annette Ward & Fayette Terlouw"]  

Annette & Fayette


You may be wondering how or why we call ourselves “the Ettes”.  Well, here’s the story.  Several years ago we worked with a great sales rep.  He grew a bit weary of trying to keep our names straight, so he decided that he would simplify things for everyone and just call us the “Ettes”.  You know…AnnETTE and FayETTE…our names both end in “ETTE”.  It made sense to us…and well, it stuck.  We’ve been designing under our adopted name ever since.

We have been working together for a LONG time.  Before we were the “Ettes”, we designed for Provo Craft.  We both published tole painting books and clip art cd’s for several years.  We have been working together developing and designing products, traveling, making TV appearances and teaching for about eight years now.  It is still as fun as it was when this adventure began.  We believe that the reason we work so well together, is the fact that we really are the best of friends.  We go through regular fits of uncontrollable laughter, we can finish each other’s sentences, we know what kind of food the other “Ette” likes and we are both work-a-holics by nature!


This month you may have noticed our designs in the Design Shop and we hope you like them. We've packed them with tons of great embellishments, papers, monograms, word art and more!! We hope to continue this great working relationship with MMS andtheir great staff and you'll see our designs added periodically since we never really stop designing. Stop by and visit our Ettes & Company Website, Ask The Ettes Blog or our new Facebook page when you have a minute.

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