Thursday, April 9, 2009

12 Ways to Use Your Camera as a Tool

feature-tools-1I love surfing around looking at different sites our fans point me to on Facebook or Twitter and this one definitely caught my eye. We found this idea on a great site called Photojojo.

Never leave the house without two things:

1. a Swiss Army knife, and

2. your camera

Why the knife? Because it’s a multitasking tool that you can use a kajillion different ways.

Why a camera? For exactly the same reason.

They’ve rounded up so many alternate uses for your camera that you’ll start bringing it everywhere. Use it as a flashlight, a memory aid, or a mirror, and you’ll never let it leave your side again. Ideas include:

1. Mark Your Parking Spot
2. Use your Camera instead of a Printer
3. Remember Details
4. Mark Your Property
5. Remember Shopping List/Recipes
6. Retrace Your Step
7.  Collect Evidence
8. Use as a Mirror
9. Make a Wishlist
10. Remember Places you Want to Go
11. Use as Flashlight
12. Record Phone Numbers

Some of these ideas seem so obvious. So many times I've wanted to remember a phone number off the back of a car or sign, but never thought to pull out the camera in my purse or even used my cell phone's camera. How about those times you're at a friends house and want a copy of a yummy recipe, why not snap a quick picture. Really this has opened up my eyes!!

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