Friday, August 15, 2014

August MyMemories Blog Train!!!

Welcome to the August Blog Train!!! 

Please enjoy this free gift from the MyMemories Design Shop!

<a href="">MyMemories</a> - YOU ARE HERE
<a href="">Cutie Pie Scraps</a>
<a href="">Becky's Creations</a>
<a href="">Little Scraps of Heaven Designs</a>
<a href="">Touched By A Butterfly</a>
<a href="">Snackpackgu's Designs</a>
<a href="">Over The Fence Designs</a>
<a href="">Kreations by Sparky</a>
<a href="">PattyB Scraps</a>
<a href="">Sugarbutt Artistic Designs</a>
<a href="">ADB Designs</a>
<a href="">MagsGraphics</a>
<a href="">Digi Deborah Designs</a>
<a href="">designs by Mandy King</a>
<a href="">jusme digital</a>
<a href="">BenthaiCreations</a>
<a href="">Dillie's Designs</a>
<a href="">QueenBrat Digital Designs</a>
<a href="">Scrap'n'Design by Rv MacSouli</a>
<a href="">Dora's Digitals</a>
<a href="">Scrap 4 Charity</a>
<a href="">Carena Scrapbooking Designs</a>
<a href="">Art For Scrapbooking</a>
<a href="">Carolyn's Scrap Creations</a>
<a href="">Craftberry Tree</a>
<a href="">Dees-Deelights</a>
<a href="">Sara's Creative Adventures</a>
<a href="">Lisa Rosa Designs</a>
<a href="">Albums To Remember Designs</a>
<a href="">Sweet Pea Designs</a>
<a href="">WinksArt Graphics</a>
<a href="">Marniejo's House of Scraps</a>
<a href="">Autumn Owl Designs</a>
<a href="">Dragon Fly Designs</a>
<a href="">ArianneGrafX</a>
<a href="">Great Scraps </a>


Faiths Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gottcha3 said...

Thank you so much. LOVED this subject matter. There are still two designers listed here in the links that don't have anything up and it's two days later. I guess I have to remember to check back later.

madmcole63 said...

ok Dee's Delights link brings me to a page that says I have to be invited to the blog. I emailed her contact but haven't heard anything. Also, ariannegrafx has a link on her FB page, but there is nothing on her blog from the link.


Faiths Mom said...

Dee's Blog gives this message:
This blog is open to invited readers only
It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

Cole Peak said...

Thank you for your comments! We have hopefully fixed the problem with those email links. I am SO excited you are loving it!

Meryl said...

Just checking - the links to blogs look to me most odd, HTML gone mad?

Dawn said...

Thank you for organising the train - lovely theme!!

Kimberly Goodman said...

Here is the correct address for Dees-Deelights.