Monday, May 6, 2024

Free Weekly Kit from Featured Desiger: Aimee Harrison


Let’s welcome Aimee Harrison as this week’s Featured Designer!

Q&A With Aimee Harrison

What is your favorite season?
It used to be Autumn but as I grow older, I much prefer Spring. Late spring when the leaves have opened on the trees and gardens are sprouting. I love seeing all the new growth and it's the perfect temperature out.

What are my favorite TV shows?
I don't really watch TV shows but I do watch Documentaries. My favorite set of Documentaries is called Apocalypse and it's a wonderful narrative through old film footage of both World War I and World War II and various other bits from that time period. I never get sick of watching it.

Fun Fact:
I once skied down Sleeping Bear Dunes on my heels when I was sixteen. It took about 1 minute to get to the lakeshore but over an hour to climb back up. It was an amazing experience but I would never repeat it again LOL.

What do I listen to all day while I work?
I don't really listen to that much music right now. I am obsessed with a few shows on Youtube. I listen to them over and over. My favorite is the Fall of Civilizations Podcast. I also love to listen to the Time Team which is an archaeological TV show from Britain. I could listen to them over and over and never get sick of them. Which is convenient because I do. LOL

How I started designing:

I started out in the 90's paper scrapbooking and I loved it. But I had been designing websites for a few years and was familiar with Photoshop so I decided to try my hand at designing scrapbooks in 2009 and once I started I have never looked back. I love being able to envision a collection and make it come 

To finish off we would love to share some of Aimee Harrison favorite layouts:

Layout from Lascaux

Layout from Backyard Vibes

Layout from Camp Walden

Layout from Have a Mice Day

Spend $20 or more and receive this kit from Aimee Harrison for free!

This week's free kit is Seafoam by Aimee Harrison. This gorgeous kit celebrates the sea in all its soft yet majestic glory.  You’ll love the soft greens and blues in this beautiful kit! Normally priced at $7.99, the kit includes 20 papers and 71 embellishments.

To make sure that you collect your free kit please follow these steps:

  1. Add $20 (must total $20 before sales tax) of any of our talented designers kits to your cart, but DO NOT add this kit to your cart! Once entered, the promo code will add it to the cart for you!

  2. Enter the promo code May6AIMH (code is case sensitive) in the promo code field on the checkout page.

  3. Code will add this kit to your cart and then you can proceed to checkout as usual.

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