Wednesday, February 21, 2024

DYL: Patriots & Loyalists Heritage Collection from Diane, ADB Designs (featured product for Feb 2024)


Patriots & Loyalists Heritage Collection is the Feb 2024 Featured Product and is on sale for the best prices ever! You can pick up the Bundle (page kit plus traditional extras), or the individual products including the Heritage ResourcesI selected Patriot & Loyalist as the featured collection for February in honor of President's Day and our first President: George Washington.

The American Revolution is usually portrayed as a conflict between the Patriots and the British. But there is another narrative: the bloody fighting between Americans, a civil war whose savagery shocked even battle-hardened Redcoats and Hessians. As debate and protests evolved into war, mudslinging and rhetorical arguments between Rebels and Tories (Patriots and Loyalists) evolved into tar-and-feathering, house-burning, and lynching.

The Patriots & Loyalists Heritage Collection represents these - our ancestors - fighting on both sides passionately for what they believed to be the proper future course for this new land. When the war ended, some Tories/Loyalists returned to England; many fled to Canada and the West Indies -- but not all, some Loyalists stayed right where they were, and some moved west and started over. As you research collateral families you may find some of these migrating groups.

Question/Scrapbooking Prompt(s)

  • Create a page about an ancestor(s) who was on American soil during the time of the revolution.
  • Create a page about a visit to a Revolutionary War historical site.
  • Create a page about a family antique/heirloom from the Colonial era.
  • Create a page about a Revolutionary War reenactment you have been to.
  • Create a page about an ancestor/family member who is/was a member of our armed services, at any time.
These prompts are just ideas to help you get started. I also have a gift for you to help speed your page and album completion. With this stunning background stacker (contributed by my amazing Creative Team Member. Pia) you can just add a photo(s) and some journaling and you are done! 

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I hope you find inspiration from the layouts of my awesome Creative Team. Here are their layouts along with the previews from the collection and the matching Heritage Resources.

I am so pleased when I see layouts created with my collections.  I would love to have you share them with me via one or both of my challenge threads in the forum.

Check my forum challenges for more gifts from this collection (and others)! 

Documenting Your Life Challenge (available today also, Feb 21)
A beautiful & colorful cluster from Team Member, Pia.

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A wonderful quick page from Creative Team Member, Lana. 

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Rita Filler said...

Hey! This is a BEAUTIFUL kit! I tried to purchase the Collection today (24 Feb 2024) as per the ad at the top. I purchased the Bundle which apparently is not the same as the Collection as the Heritage Resources are not in it. There may be other elements missing, I'm not sure. Are you able to help me out?