Tuesday, December 5, 2023



Let’s welcome Kathryn Estry as this week’s Featured Designer!

Anyone who talks to me even a few minutes hears about my grandkids.  I call them my Littles even though they're not so little any more.  Lincoln is a drummer for our church, is an orange belt in American Karate, and loves anything football.  Jack is into all sorts of sports and excels at all of them.  It's so much fun to watch him play!  Olivia (Livi) is an amazing gymnast who just might take it all the way.  She is crazy talented and is driven to do her best.  Charlie is learning the guitar and the drums, loves Legos, is a green belt in American Karate, and plays hard outside every day.  Lucy plays the piano and dances beautifully just like her mommy.  All of these amazing little people make my heart so happy!  They're all adorable, sweet, and so smart!  They're already passing me up in that category!  I love doing anything and everything with them from crazy fun stuff to just chilling.  My grandkids have my heart! 

To finish off we would love to share some of Kathryn Estry’s favorite layouts:

Layout from Grandkids

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This week's free kit is Grandkids by 9. Grandkids, such a blessing! I loved being a mom more than anything else in this world, and now I'm getting to do it all over again (sort of) with my 5 Littles, as I call them. There is so much joy snuggling up with them and a good book, playing silly games with them, singing with them, and watching them discover their world! I hope you take lots of photos of your grandkids and enjoy making fun memory pages with this collection! Normally priced at $6.49, the kit includes 22 papers, 69 embellishments and 160 monograms.

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More from Kathryn Estry:

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