Wednesday, November 22, 2023


Welcome to the second monthly installment of Kaleidoscope of Color with Aimee Harrison!

I love color and when you look at my collections, you can clearly see that color is my inspiration. Well, every two weeks I will bring to you a new color 'challenge' to the blog! Please join me for a Coordinating Challenge in the Forum and I urge you to share your layouts! 

Enter a Layout and you will win a prize at the end of the month!

Soft Heathered Colors

Today I bring to you Soft Heathered Colors. I don't do enough of these and I don't know why as they make gorgeous layouts! I would describe Heathered tones as slightly diluted but still colorful and I have the following examples to give you inspiration!

I have the perfect collection for using Heathered Colors and it is called Have a Mice Day. 

You can find the collection here

Inspirational Layouts!

Here is a Free Quick Page to provide inspiration!

Please be sure to go to my Forum Challenge and create a layout to receive a free gift!

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