Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Free Weekly Kit by Featured Designer: Elizabeth's Market Cross



Let’s welcome Elizabeth’s Market Cross as this week’s Featured Designer!

Hi! I’m Elizabeth! I grew up in Florida and now live in Georgia, but I feel like I belong in England (and my DNA results agree). My store name – Market Cross – comes from the historical structures in England that served as trading markers, usually in a town centre. People would buy and sell wares at the designated market cross – such as the ‘Poultry Cross’ or the ‘Butter Cross’ – you get the idea! 

This is the Poultry Cross in Salisbury – constructed in the 14th century and modified in the 18th century.

I’ve been digitally designing since 2005, and I’ve been with My Memories since 2013. Just to tell you a little bit about myself, I’ll start with something recent for me. Eight months ago I weighed 106 pounds more than I do now. I’m on a journey to eat MUCH healthier and lose weight. The first week, all I did was stop eating fast food – I ate every meal at home. After a week of that, I found that I felt SO much better it was well worth continuing, and I’ve been under the care of a dietician since then. I love to cook, and after a few weeks and a little weight lost, I got my mobility back – standing for periods of time was no longer an issue. So that led to more cooking, and looking up new low carb recipes, and learning, learning, learning a whole lot about nutrition! I don’t follow the keto diet but I take a lot of inspiration from their recipes. Since I’m not in ketosis I don’t add all the fat. But there are some fabulous high protein low carb casseroles, side dishes, snacks, and even desserts online that I use for inspiration. I’ve never been able to eat desserts every day, and now I can. I make an amazing black forest sheet cake that’s only 94 calories a serving! 

One of my favorite meals is a very simple one – I skewer up cubed chicken breast for the grill, once I’ve marinated the pieces in either sugar free BBQ sauce or a tamari/garlic/honey marinade. Did you know there is such a thing as low carb/keto honey? You can even easily make it at home, and it looks and tastes just like the kind made by bees. To go with the chicken, my husband grills chunks of bell pepper and onions and slices of pineapple. If you haven’t tried a bit of grilled pineapple, you definitely should. 

Losing weight has led me back to another love of mine – DIY projects. Now that I can move around so much easier, I’m back at DOING things. You’ll notice the free kit this week is my 123 DIY – I urge you to go download it and scrap your latest projects! Do you know anyone who picks up furniture other people put out for trash? Yep, I’m that person. Or at least the ones I know I can find a use for after I refurbish them. I don’t always remember to take ‘before’ pictures, which irks me because I would love to scrapbook the before and after!

Thanks for stopping by the My Memories Blog to read about me – I know your time is precious!

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To finish off we would love to share some of Elizabeth’s favorite layouts:

Layout from Black Light BGs

Spend $20 or more and receive this kit from Elizabeth’s Market Cross for free!

This week's free kit is 123 DIY Build and Paint by Elizabeth’s Market Cross. Whatever DIY project you have going, scrapbook it to preserve the provenance! Normally priced at $5.99, the kit includes 22 papers and 86 embellishments.

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