Tuesday, June 20, 2023

June 2023 Designer Tip With Connie Prince


Over the next few months I'd love to dive into color theory a bit.  We will be taking a look at the different color families and what they mean.  

This month's color is PURPLE!  Purple is a secondary color, resulting from a mixture of blue and red.

Here are a few layouts showcasing different shades of purple.  Purple is considered to be a cool color along with blue and green. These colors tend to bring on feelings of calm and relaxation. 

Purple is often a color associated with luxury and even royalty!  It is also associated with wisdom and creativity.

Since purple is often associated with royalty, it shows up throughout history in paintings depicting royal families. In ancient times the pigments required to create purple dye were extremely expensive and rare therefore only people of means were able to utilize it.  
Even Queen Elizabeth II wore a purple robe back to Buckingham Palace after her coronation in 1953!
Purple is also a color of courage and valor.  In the US the Purple Heart is a military honor given to individuals who have displayed the upmost bravery.  

There are many shades of the color purple: amethyst, lavender, violet, wine, plum, and mulberry to name just a few!

Here are a few layouts using different shades of purple!

Created using PaintChips Amethyst

 Created using PaintChips Amethyst
Created using PaintChips Blackberry

 Created using PaintChips Blackberry
Created using PaintChips Lilac 

Created using PaintChips Lilac

How will you use purple this month in a layout?  
Share your results in the comments, if you'd like!

Connie Prince

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