Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Connie Prince's March 2023 Designer Tip


Over the next few months I'd love to dive into color theory a bit.  We will be taking a look at the different color families and what they mean.  

The color of the month for March is green!  Green is considered a secondary color.  It can represent new beginnings and growth, it definitely reminds me of Spring.  When we begin to see pops of green on the trees and grass in the early part of spring it gives me such a hopeful and refreshing feeling.

I know you've probably heard the phrase, "green with envy" as green can represent jealousy.  Or what about the phrase, "green horn" meaning that someone is new at something.

When used in design it can represent nature in an abundance of ways.  Bright, bold greens feel energetic while sage or olive green gives a more calming vibe.

Here are a few layout ideas using the color green.

Created using PaintChips: Emerald


                      Created using PaintChips: Emerald


Created using PaintChips Green Apple


 Created using PaintChips Green Apple

Created using PaintChips Laurel Green

How will you use green this month in a layout?  
Share your results in the comments, if you'd like!

Connie Prince

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