Sunday, December 18, 2022

Connie Prince's December 2022 Designer Tip


It's December, the most magical month of the entire year!  It also can be one of the most stressful!  I hope that this month you will give yourself a little extra grace and try not to beat yourself up if you are unable to do all of the things. 

This month I decided to give a few tips that will hopefully help to alleviate some of your December angst.

Simplify your gift giving! If your list includes neighbors, coworkers, teachers, etc. Make it simple and give them all the same gift.  Home baked goods, an ornament, bottle of wine, a candle, or a small gift card to a coffee shop are all easy ideas.  Add them to a cute gift bag with a little ribbon and it'll be a perfect gift!

If your gift includes children try the gift of three idea:  something to play with, something to wear, and something to read.

For close friends we typically do a small holiday party with a white elephant exchange rather than trying to find a gift for every single person.  The game is usually more hilarious and memorable than the actual gift. 

My husband and I typically gift one another with a trip or experience.  I love to travel and so does he.  Those are way more memorable than yet another sweater tucked on a closet shelf!

Wrap as you go! Set aside an hour or so each week of December to get gifts wrapped. I typically put on a Christmas movie while working on mine.  It helps set the mood! 

Divide and conquer - Christmas Gatherings! If you are responsible for hosting a Christmas dinner or party, ask your guests to contribute a dish or appetizer.   Potluck is always a great thing!  Try an online tool like Perfect Potluck which gives your guests a signup list!

Make self care a priority! Don't forget to take care of yourself during December. Make time to work on a hobby (Scrapbooking!!) that you enjoy. Plan a pedicure date with a friend, go for a long walk, listen to Christmas music and enjoy a glass of wine.  I've always loved the saying that you can't pour from an empty cup and it is SO true.  Be good to yourself so that you can give your loved ones the best you this holiday!

I hope that you and yours having such a blessed and Merry Christmas.

Connie Prince

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