Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Free Weekly Kit by Featured Designer: Elizabeth's Market Cross


We would love to welcome Elizabeth's Market Cross as this week's Featured Designer!

Layout out from Follow Your Dreams

If I could choose a superpower it would be Time Travel. Among other history I’d love to witness (which includes everyday life, not just big events), I’d really like to meet some of my great-grandparents. I have some letters they wrote to one another while courting, between 1898 and 1902, when they finally married. He was a CPA in Alabama who worked for a timber company, and did a fair bit of traveling by horse and wagon. She was a school teacher in Mississippi who was earning wages to put her brother through medical school. For years he begged her to set a date, and for years she put him off. Only single women were allowed to teach. Eventually her brother finished school and became a fine country doctor, calling on his patients by horseback. My great grandmother agreed to a wedding date, and she and her mother sewed her wedding dress of white satin, and her trousseau. His father, a locally famous and well respected pastor from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, married the couple. They set up housekeeping in Mobile, Alabama, where I was eventually born. I love the reports of their daily activities, the tenderness, the private jokes, the teasing, and even the jealousy that comes across in their letters. I wish I could meet them, in their time, and see their sepia world in full color.

If I could choose any place to live in the world, it would be London. The city has SO much history and is rich in culture, art, and architecture. I could spend the rest of my life in London and traveling around England and never learn everything I wanted to about its history. I have visited four times, and I never leave without promising to come back.

If I could choose to do anything for a day? Time Travel in England, of course! But I’d need a heckuva lot more than a DAY!

My favorite toy as a child was my Barbie Doll collection. I had a cheap ‘look-alike’ for a long time before my parents bought me a real Barbie. My collection started off with the Malibu dolls, and grew. I loved dressing them and setting up rooms for them all around my bedroom or the den – or even the driveway – and posing them in the rooms. I made clothing and furniture for them. Every birthday and Christmas I wanted Barbie stuff. When I was 14 my mother told me to get rid of them or pack them up. I couldn’t bear the thought of getting rid of them so I put them all in a trunk, which I opened as an adult and began collecting again. My new purchases began with the Twist N Turn Mod look dolls – the ones from the 1960s with ‘real’ eyelashes. My collection grew. And grew. And grew some more, until I had expanded my collection to the earliest dolls and the latest box dolls. But the Twist N Turn Barbies are still my favorites, even if they are all packed up!

On the topic of collections – I have several collections of widely varied things. I need to distribute, sell, or dispense with most of the things I have collected, as they are just taking up space. Apart from the Barbie doll collection which ended up way out of all logical proportions, I collected alligators and crocodiles. Not real ones of course, but decorative ones, plush ones, toy ones, and even a couple of useful ones such as oven mitts. I have since decided it’s okay to like alligators and crocodiles without owning their likenesses in so many forms! When I was a child I collected small ceramic and glass animals. I still have a few, but I donated some to charity. I have a collection of Nancy Drew books I can’t yet part with. I have a collection of craft supplies that is screaming to be thinned out - again. I have a collection of books about my favorite town in England – THAT’S not going anywhere, lol. They stay right here in my desk hutch. I have a collection of DVDs and CDs that have been thinned out once or twice but probably could use it again. And I have a collection of Board Games that I love and play often. Those, at least, are getting some use!

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Layout out from A Doodle Doo
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This week's free kit is Altered Journey by Elizabeth's Market Cross.  This artistic collection has many unique elements that will help you to create some truly unique scrapbook pages.  Normally priced at $4.99, the kit includes 12 papers and 25 embellishments,.

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