Thursday, November 26, 2020

Scrapping My Everyday with Memory Mosaic

Hi, my name is Joy.  I am the designer behind, Memory Mosaic here at My Memories.  Welcome to my Blog Series “Scrapping my Everyday”.  I find that it is fairly easy to make special pages for all those big, special events in our lives, but when it comes to making a page about our everyday life, or the “mundane” it becomes a bit trickier. 

Here in the US, we are celebrating Thanksgiving today.  Like everything else in 2020, it is not for most of us,  what we might have expected or anticipated it to be.  It probably looks very different from years past.  My family still has a full house, as there are 9 of us living here right now, but we are missing the opportunity to have extended family from out of town visit.  We also opted to have a quieter, simpler celebration. I am using paper plates, much to the surprise of my family, because I have always had a tradition of making Thanksgiving a bit more of an “elegant” celebration.  You know what, not that there is anything wrong with that, but also it is not wrong to just say, I’m going to be more “relaxed” and focus on other things this year…maybe that is the biggest lesson I have been learning from 2020.  To slow down, and enjoy the little things, and count my blessings.  Can you count your blessings with me?  What are some of the things you would list, this year, that maybe you wouldn’t have even thought of last year?

The blessing of a sunset

The blessing of home to live in

The blessing of family to miss

The blessing of health

The blessing of technology

The blessing of paper towels and TP (LOL!)

We could go on and on.  I realize that we are all starting to gear up for Christmas, and even that is going to look different…but before we have totally switched from Thanksgiving to Christmas…can you stop and make a layout that focuses on something you are grateful for.  Maybe it is a family member… maybe it is a friend… maybe it is just a day to sit and admire the sunset.  

This month, I made 4 new kits, the first one focused on “Giving Thanks”.

Take a look at the kit HERE.

The following layouts were made by some of my very talented CT members, using this new kit, to highlight some blessings they are thankful for.

I  host 2 challenges on the My Memories Forum, every month.  The first challenge is "Scrapping My Every Day".  I want to challenge you to be inspired to make a layout highlighting some of those everyday things.  If you make a layout and post it in the challenge thread by the last day of the month, I will send you a link for a freebie.

The 2nd challenge, is my monthly “Sketch Challenge”.  Each month I supply you with a sketch for an idea, and challenge you to scrap.  Again if you post a layout by the end of the month, and use 1 item in your layout from any of my kits (even previous freebies), I will send you a link for a freebie.  

You can find both challenges HERE.

Hope to see your beautiful layouts in my challenge threads, in the My Memories Forum

HERE is a set of clusters as my gift to you.  It was made using this fun kit, Give Thanks…

Thank you for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

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