Sunday, July 12, 2020

Inspired by Photoless Pages with Marie H Designs

Hello everyone! It is Marie aka Marie H Designs and I am here with a new blog post that is part of my blog series “Inspired by” and today it is “Inspired by Photoless Pages”. Photoless? Yes sometimes it is fun and a great way to capture memories that we don’t have photos off. Scrapbooking is a way to remember moments, events, special things in our lives but it happens that sometimes we don’t have photos of it. Some people also like to use scrapbooking to create a page they will print with a motivational quote to hang in their home.

For example I wanted to capture a situation that we used to have in our old house. Some people don’t believe in it but we were actually living “unexplained” things in our home and I wanted to capture it. Of course it was impossible to take of photo of these so I have decided to create a layout without a photo but with lots of journaling.

Scrapbooking is often use to express our feelings and one of my CT had created a page that she would use on her PC as a motivational page in a special moment in her life.

For this next photoless layout Tammy wanted to use this quote that is really inspiring but didn’t want to use any photos. She framed thequote and created around it to make it the central focus of the page.

A few years ago after I gave birth to my second child, I had created a page that I still take a looked at from time to time. It is a page that was very emotional to make as I had finally realized after 20ish years that my mom was not a “bad” mom… but a mom that on the opposite loved me so much that she had to step her foot down to helped me.

As you can see, none of these pages could have been created with photos but still they are important pages. They are layouts that represent something important and are a good way of remembering them in the future.

Have you ever created a photoless layout? No? I really hope that you will all at least once try to create about something you don’t have photos off but still want to capture it.

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