Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Why Scrapbooking? with QueenBrat Digital Designs

Hello! Welcome back to my blog series on 'Why Scrapbooking?'

Saving pieces of our lives is what scrapbooking is all about. Have you ever looked at family photos and asked, "Who is that?" or "Where were you?".

Today I want to discuss the importance of journaling on your scrap pages. While you may know the names of the people in your pictures or the event that is taking place, others viewing your scrapbook may not. So adding a description of events, names, word art, poetry, or other forms of wording to your scrapbook pages is always a good idea.

When scrapping my photos I love finding the perfect quote or poem that goes along with my photo. I have a few favorite sites that I reference to find these, but if you are really creative you can always include your own poetry.

Here is a layout that I made recently using poetry.

Can you identify who is in the picture and the event by the poem used? If you guessed my Dad and Father's Day, you are

I used my scrapkit "Dear Daddy" for the layout.

You can purchase this kit HERE.

This is another recent layout using Word Art. 

While this one is adorable it's not complete because it leaves you wondering who is in the picture and what event is taking place.

Add just a bit of journaling and you have...........

The little princess pictured is my granddaughter, Remi Jade. Yes, we were in the land of the princesses, DisneyWorld. We snapped these photos while visiting Disney Village last summer.

By adding just a bit of journaling we now know who it is and when/where it was taken.

I used my scrapkit BLOOMING WONDERS for this layout. You can purchase it HERE.

Hope you enjoyed this post on my WHY SCRAPBOOKING series. Stay Home! Stay Safe! Get Your Scrap On!

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