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Journaling & Dating Your Pages with WinksArt Graphics

June 11, 2020
Journaling & Dating Your Pages

Hello, Lovelies! As I was trying to decide about what to address in this blog post, I will admit my mind is full of what’s happening in our world right now. I hope you and yours are healthy, happy, and safe.

Now, about journaling...

1: My father-in-law left home and family to serve in WWII and wrote long, descriptive letters to my husband’s mother. Did he know they would serve as an historic journal? They do! We have all enjoyed reading them; they take us back to his time in the military and tell us what it was like and how it felt. (Not to mention the feeling of love in his written words to his sweetheart.)

2: I made notebooks for each of our children when they were little and wrote letters to them. My goal was to do this once a week, but all moms know time slips by. We have 4 children, so sometimes I had to catch up. We have a daughter with Spina Bifida. She’s a valiant, stubborn, sweet and loving person. When she was 4 years old we would bribe her with Skittles to get her to try to walk across the room, back and forth between my husband and me. She would fall part way and crawl the rest of the way to get the candy, and made progress over the weeks of trying. After those weeks of this “play time” we were in the garage and she was helping as much as a 4-year-old can while using a walker. As I watched silently she let go of her walker and walked with her little leg braces about 10' to the door. She put her hand on it to steady herself, turned to look at me with her shocked baby face realizing what she had just done, and then grinned. I jumped and clapped and hooted and ran to her for a huge happy hug. In my letter to her I wrote that “I feel like I could fly!” 

My point is that sometimes it’s easier to record happenings, world events, family fun times, accomplishments, occasions, adventures, etc. if written in letter form as if you are telling a specific someone about the news. You might tend to put more of your feelings into the journaling which helps your descendants get a better picture of who you are.

Try journaling this way! You might find you like it a lot. Add pictures to your letters. Dress them up with clip art from your favorite scrap kit. Doodle on them. Have them printed into a book. My Memories prints books; take a look here.

Please feel free to download this sampler freebie. It’s from the “Best Picnic Ever” collection by yours truly. ;D Have a picnic and create some fun with your family or friends. Journal about the day, add photos if you want, decorate the letter page(s) with fun scrap kit images. Make it neat or smash-book style. Try writing/typing on paper, scanning it, and making it part of a digital scrapbook layout. It’s fun and keeps memories that are precious to future family!

Great places for a picnic:
  • on the living room or family room floor
  • in a blanket fort you built with the kids
  • the backyard
  • frontyard
  • in the closet under the stairs
  • in a tree house
  • in a meadow
  • in the garden
  • by a stream or river
  • around a fire pit
  • in the mountains
  • next to your lemonade stand
  • by a lake
  • in the middle of a forest
  • at Gramma’s and/or Grampa’s house
  • by the pool
  • in front of the fireplace
  • at the park
  • in the dog house (really big dog; invite him/her or not)
  • ok, I admit some of these are really silly
Feel free to leave comments! What amazing places can you think of to have a picnic?

Stay well! Take care!
Cyber hugs!

Valerie ;D
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