Thursday, May 28, 2020

Inspired by the Pocket Layouts with Marie H Designs

Hello everyone! It is Marie aka Marie H Designs and I am here with a new blog post that is part of my blog series “Inspired by” and today it is “Inspired by Pocket layouts”. When we create a scrapbooking page it is to tell a story, capture a memory and show it to everyone. It is a combination of words, photos, colors… and pocket scrapbooking brings the best of all of these 3 elements.

Pocket scrapbooking started in 2008 in traditional scrapbooking when Becky Higgins created a kit called Project 365 that was focusing on the idea of a photo a day for a year, that we can still see around. Over time the digital scrapbooking went along with this idea. Being digital Pocket scrapbooking don’t have the physical limitations of the pocket and therefore we can ‘’play’’ around by adding elements, changing sizes.

You don’t have to use journaling cards (or pocket cards) when you created a pocket layout. Many people like the pocket scrapbooking style when we have many things to show or have a lot of photos for the same occasion.

As an example Tammy had a lot of photos from her grandaughter and to create this layout using Lush Lavender, she used lots of photos that she blocked all around using small elements to give the importance to these stunning photos.

A Pocket page can be perfect to capture a place you visited. We often take lots of photos when we go on vacations and pocket pages are a good way to keep this moment special. You can add not only a lot of photos but you can vary the size with very small, medium and big photos like in the page from Betsy that she created using Anchors Away for her visit to St. Augustine Lighthouse.

You can use pocket scrapbooking to create a page about someone (this is my favorite way of using it) in many occasions. Like a retrospective for a birthday or simply to show funny, touching moments of someone. Like Becky used Boy Oh Boy to create this wonderful page about her grandson. In this layout you see different moments of him and she adds a little bit of journaling to create a fun layout he will for sure like to see when he grows up.

As you can see Pocket Scrapbooking is not only a different style of scrapbooking but it can help to add more photos, just like a comic book.

Did you try to pocket scrapbook? Do you like it? Have you seen the many products offered at My Memories from many designers?


Jen Smith said...

I love pocket scrapbooking. I have a few albums that I did pocket scrapping physically, but now I use the Project Life app. I start my pages in there and then upload them to MyMemories and embellish them.

Are there many templates in Mymemories to create the pocket page look?

Shenom said...

Hi Jen, My Memories Suite doesn't ship with templates that are specifically designed for Pocket Cards, however, there are many items in the store that are geared around creating pocket cards.
I hope that helps.