Monday, May 11, 2020

Get inspired by May Exclusives!

It's that time of the month...for new Exclusive releases!
Spring time kits of gardens, butterflies, dragonflies, sunshine, rainy days, and Mother's Day. You will be taken on adventures on land, sea, deep underwater, and into fantasy. Beautiful everyday moments of timeless memories, birthdays, helping a neighbor in need, baseball games, and even that long craved order of takeout! May's Exclusive collections are so diverse that there is something for everyone!

Memory Mosaic
"Last November my daughter took me on a trip of a lifetime to London. We explored museums and castles, enjoyed High Tea at Harrod's, and ate bangers and mash in a pub in Windsor. In this kit I have tried to capture my incredible experience. You will find unique elements from antiques we found in museums, mosaic floors made into brads, tea and jam containers, scones, tea cakes and tea cups. I have also included a lot of the traditional elements you would expect to find in a London kit. This delightful kit has everything you need to scrap those amazing memories of your incredible trip."
-Memory Mosaic


Polka Dot Chicks
"My theme was Rose Gold- I love this color and I wanted to do a really pretty kit with some pops of navy blue as well. I picked the title, Beautiful Moments because we are all beautiful and we should enjoy all our moments, dreams and goals. Mostly inspired by my daughter Shelby as she follows her dreams and reaches for the stars and is not afraid to try."
-Polka Dot Chicks


ADB Designs
"Charming Springtime by ADB Designs is a delightful, pleasing, enchanting collection featuring flowers, foliage, ribbons and more along with eggs, bunnies, butterflies and ladybugs. You will love the cute layouts you can create of your children, family and friends."
-ADB Designs


LLL Creations
"Whether you spend a weekend, a week or live at a beach house, it's a great place to relax. Hearing the waves, feeling the sand in your toes, collecting shells and relaxing on the porch. Beach house decor is also very popular. I have a bathroom done totally in beach theme and I love it! There is something calming about it. So whether a beach house to you means a tropical getaway or a weekend road trip, a room you've decorated or even just a beachy outfit - this collection will help you scrap it."
-LLL Creations


Aimee Harrison Designs
"I love a good sunset and this collection celebrates that perfect time in the evening when the sun begins to go down and dusk. It's perfect for outdoor photos, especially the beach!"
-Aimee Harrison


Marniejo's House of Scraps
"While researching the life that goes on in the oceans, I discovered how colorful it is down there. The fish, anemones, and coral look so vibrant! I even discovered some very unusual creatures that inhabit the seas. There are strange looking dragon fish that appear to be plants and a lion fish that has spectacular spiny fins. Did you know that there are slugs that creep around the bottom? They themselves are quite brilliant in color. Come explore the sea life with me!"
-Marniejo's House of Scraps


FranB Designs
"Are you hungry? Do you love to eat restaurant food at home? During stay home times, it's the only way we can eat our favorite restaurant foods! From pick up, to pulling those funky plastic forks out of the bag, to the yummy foods you eat, this kit has it. Focusing on pizza, Chinese, burgers, sushi and Mexican foods."
-FranB Designs


PattyB Scraps
"Adventure ahead with Follow a Dragonfly Collection by PattyB Scraps, with colorful and happy elements and papers. You'll create wonderful layout pages of family and friends with this lovely digital scrapbooking product. I was inspired by a quote, "Dragonflies are reminders that we are light and we can reflect light in powerful ways if we choose to do so.""
-Quote by Robyn Nola
-PattyB Scraps


Couric Designs
"Celebrate Mom" is about remembering and preserving our memories and sharing the love we have for our mothers and other significant women in our lives. The relationship with our mother is one-of-a-kind. Let this special relationship continue with love and kind words. Share the pages you create to show how much the special women in your life mean to you."
-Couric Designs
"No influence is so powerful as that of the mother."
-Sarah Hale


"One result of the Covid Crisis is the surge of neighbors helping neighbors: shopping for neighbors, checking on neighbors, and despite the physical distance, becoming more "neighborly". This collection celebrates the ways we help our neighbors."


Shmooangel Designs
"There's nothing like being outdoors on the grass, playing a great game of baseball. Whether it's a Major League game, a Little Leagues game, or even tossing the ball around in the backyard, you'll find everything you need to document all your baseball memories in this great kit."
-Shmooangel Designs


Over the Fence Designs
"Bright, happy and full of clean, clear colors, "Walking in Sunshine" by Over the Fence Designs is the perfect collection for scrapping photos of family, friends, pets, and all your daily activities. Inspired by "Walking on Sunshine", a song written by Kimerley Rew for Katrina and the Waves' 1983, released April 26, 1985. It was the Waves' first US top 40 hit, and their biggest success in the United Kingdom. Released in 1999 by Dolly Parton."
-Over the Fence Designs


Digi Deborah Designs
"Why do we all scrapbook? To make our memories last a lifetime! That is the slogan of my designs: Making you Memories Last a Lifetime. This collection is just what you need to create the most stunning pages that generations after you will remember and learn of the heritage of your family."
-Digi Deborah Designs


Kathryn Estry
"Knowing that my two little granddaughters love girly colors, magical castles, rainbows, stars, flowers, and everything sparkly, I've created this collection with all little girls in mind. With the details in the castle, fun word art, various extra packs, and the free alpha in the page kit, this collection gives you enough to scrap all of the Littles in your life."
-Kathryn Estry


"A spring kit to highlight the photos of your little fruit pickers, your photos of farm fresh fruit, and nature walks with the family."


Songbird Scraps Designs
"Birthdays are always a fun time with family and friends. This kit gives you everything you need to scrap those special times."
-Songbird Scraps Designs


Cutie Pie Scraps
"The Zoo by Cutie Pie Scraps, is a beautiful collection in earthy tones perfect for documenting everything from trips to the zoo to safaris to amusement parks!"
-Cutie Pie Scraps


Lisa Rosa Designs
"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this...and let's face it, we LOVE being their loyal servants!"
-Lisa Rosa Designs


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