Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Care for a game of B-I-N-G-O?

Care for a game of B-I-N-G-O?

One of the easiest games to play and to customize is BINGO. BINGO is my go to game to create for holidays and customize for birthday party themes. Kids love it and it is pretty easy for younger children to play plus it can be entertaining for adults as well! There are so many different varieties that you can create. Working on sight words? Create a BINGO card and have them locate the sight word that you say. Have a child that loves bugs? Create a customized bingo card just for them and have them search for the bugs you call out! There is no end to the possibilities! You can play for fun or if you have any little prizes laying around you can reward the winner with that. You can play for five in a row and after a few rounds go for the whole board being covered in black out.

When creating your own BINGO board you want to make sure that you have variety. The items in each box need to get mixed around and to make it extra challenging some cards may not have all of the same items as another card. You will also need to create calling cards, the group of the items that you are going to either call out or show the players what the item looks like.

The process of building your own BINGO card was just made easier for you. MagsGraphics has designed these Create Your Own BINGO Cards so you can make fully customized BINGO cards for your group. This will be the perfect activity for Easter this upcoming weekend, a boredom cure at home, learning letters and words for home school, or even a scavenger hunt BINGO that can get you up and moving around (see below for more on this). You can even use these Create Your Own BINGO Cards to create a photo BINGO like I have below. Just add photo boxes in My Memories Suite and add your photos to them!

Below you will find Scavenger Hunt BINGO Cards for both indoor and outdoor hunts. These cards are FREE until April 18th so make sure to go and grab your free cards!

Click HERE to get your FREE Indoor Scavenger Hunt BINGO

Click HERE to get your FREE Outdoor Scavenger Hunt BINGO

And finally, if you are wanting a super fast and easy way to play BINGO with your group, simply buy these print-ready BINGO games that MagsGraphics has already created for you. She has created BINGO cards for At Play, Fairy Tales, School, and Silly Germs.

I hope that you have fun playing these BINGO games and stay safe, stay home, stay healthy!

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Carly Allred
MMS Creative Services Director

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