Friday, March 20, 2020

Fairy Tale Play Time

Spend the day with some imaginative play!

Imaginative play can be so fun for kids and it can keep some children busy for hours! Today's activity is art mixed with imaginative play. Doodles by Americo has these kits that are line art designs and they can give children a great opportunity to use them to color. A lot of them he also has in color if you want to skip that step. I have included some examples of some kits that he has but feel free to visit his store to see them all. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a kit, purchase, and download the MyMemories Software file for either Windows or Mac.
  2. Create a new album (I chose 8.5x11 so that I could easily print it on my home printer).
  3. Go into your embellishments and select the items that you would like to use and place them on the album page. Just like yesterday's activity I didn't worry about selecting a paper background since you will be cutting them out. This is also a step that your children could help with by choosing which elements they want, arranging them on the page, and sizing them.
  4. Save the album, go to share, and choose print.
  5. Once they have been printed, have your children color them however they wish (or you can choose elements that are already colored and skip this step).
  6. Once they are colored cut them out. You can tape or glue them to popsicle sticks for easy interaction or you can just use your fingers to move them.
  7. You can have your child imagine the story and act it out to you, you can come up with a story together, or you create a story to tell your child if they are pretty young. Once you finish one story, imagine another one! The only limit is your imagination!

Hope all is well!
Carly Allred
Creative Services Director

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RyansJanis said...

Perfect timing for this helpful blog. I haven't been on My Memories in months and have rarely come to the Blog. Now I am purchasing several of the line art kits of Doodle by Americo. I will be printing out pages and sending to my young granddaughters while they are being cooped up in their homes during the Covid19 lockdown in California. I have given my 2 daughters My Memories programs but I don't believe they have used them. Maybe now, they will.
Thank you.