Sunday, February 23, 2020

Inspired by the Numbers with Marie H Designs 

Hello everyone! It is Marie aka Marie H Designs and I am here with a new blog post that is part of my blog series “Inspired by” and today it is “Inspired by the Numbers”. When we create a scrapbooking page it is to tell a story, capture a memory and show it to everyone. It is a combination of words, photos, colors… but how about telling a story with numbers.

We are surrounded by numbers; the time, dates, age, measures, so why not playing with these numbers and add them in our scrapbook layout.

You can add it into your title to mark a milestone, to enhance a birthday and you can also add details to your layout with the same number to give it more weight.

This layout by Tammy is a good example of using numbers many times in her layout to tell the story of her layout.

You can use it in your title also instead of words to give more strength to it. In this layout by myself I used the number “3” instead of the word to attract it to the photo. This was the first photo of my 3 daughters together after my little one was born and the number 3 became a reality and I wanted to point it out. So I made the number very big on a corner with the rest of the words to attract the eye on the photo.

This is a special layout for my daughter who is struggling in school due to her dyslexia and she was so happy to be finally in 3rd grade.

We are surrounded by numbers and it can be a good idea to use them in our layouts to tell a story, to enhance your photos. You can use monogram numbers but you can always make your own with papers, crop elements and ephemera that has numbers in it to create new elements… the possibilities are endless.

So how are you inspired by numbers? Do you have a number you like to scrap more than others? For myself, I realized that I tend to use the number 3 a lot.

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