Sunday, February 9, 2020

An Eye for Design: Proportion

Hi again, it’s Deborah of Digi Deborah Designs. I’m here again for my Blog Series called An Eye for Design. This month I want to talk about Proportion. Proportion is a great way to use digital scrapbooking elements over and over but also making them look fresh. 

For example, in this Quick Page, my Content Creator, Lynden, uses duplicates of my flowers to create a fabulous frame cluster. Although they are the same flowers, by changing their proportion either by making them smaller or larger, she’s created an interesting grouping that draws the viewers eye right to that spot on the page. 

Here is the quick page she created:
 Try this out the next time you are working a page and want to keep the elements interesting and fresh. That’s all for this month. I’ll be back again next month for another installment in my series. In the meantime, I’m offering you this Quick Page for FREE over in my store… click here to get it!! And the rest of the Empowered collection is all on sale right now. Click here to see it all!!

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Until next time… Happy Scrapping!!

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