Tuesday, January 7, 2020

January 2020 Exclusive MyMemories Designs


Get these designs ONLY at MyMemories. Our wonderful designers are at it again and they have come together to offer high quality, exclusive designs that you can only get here! Some of these designs were ideas they had been cooking up for a bit and some were inspired by some of our very own customers!

These festive kits are 30% off until January 12th so be sure to grab them while they are on sale!

It's the new year and here are some awesome, new Exclusive Collections! A lot of our designers that are in the Exclusive group love to use this opportunity to challenge themselves and design something different and new for them. Due to the holidays we had some designers that weren't able to participate, but the kits are still amazing! From the 80s to crazy lane, from celebrating New Years to celebrating Chinese New Year, and from nature's cherry bounty to Arctic Freeze. We also have some kits that can help you with your new year's resolutions whether it's to be more mindful in your own life, spend more quality time with the family, or work on your personal health-we have you covered!

https://www.mymemories.com/store/product_search?term=80s+flashback https://www.mymemories.com/store/product_search?term=arctic+freeze
 https://www.mymemories.com/store/product_search?term=tea+for+two+aimeeh https://www.mymemories.com/store/product_search?term=chinese+new+year+couric
 https://www.mymemories.com/store/product_search?term=family+fun+cprince https://www.mymemories.com/store/product_search?term=this+beautiful+life+tmd
 https://www.mymemories.com/store/product_search?term=crazy+lane+kathryn https://www.mymemories.com/store/display_product_page?id=FBDS-CP-1912-174498
 https://www.mymemories.com/store/product_search?term=a+magical+winter+kasta https://www.mymemories.com/store/display_product_page?id=PDCD-CP-1912-174614
 https://www.mymemories.com/store/product_search?sort_order=date_available+desc&term=new+year%27s+arshia0 https://www.mymemories.com/store/product_search?term=denim+pearls+pattyb

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