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Scrapping Planners with Happy Scrap Arts

Hi, I am Eileen, aka Happy Scrap Arts, in this blog post I'm going to tell you about scrapping planners.

So in my other blog series I told you about planning your week, things to do, not to forget, goals, etc, here I am going show you how to plan your meals in your bullet journal or note book. This will make planning your meals so much more fun.

Try to find a pretty notebook, it will make it a lot easier and less boring. You can spend some time later to decorate them.

Think about including your family or about what the kids love to eat (or don’t like at all). Including them in making the menus will help them eating it later. It’s so much more fun if they choose it themselves. Make it a special time together with the kids, a real quality time. You will see that they will come up with some good ideas. And don’t forget to check what you have left in the refrigerator before you start planning.

Planning your meals in advance makes it so much easier to make your shopping list. If you have it all organized before you go tot he grocery store you will buy what you need and no more, so you will not end up throwing food away at the end of the week.

Try something new. Food from other countries, an old recipe from your parents, grandparents…

But also think about some easy meals once or twice a week, you don’t want to cook every night. If you plan your meals, you can see if you can cook smartly one night and make enough to have some left overs for the night after. If for example one night you make vegetables with meat, make enough to have some left overs to use with some pasta or rice the day after, that would be very quick to make.

And don’t forget, eating a pizza every now and then is not a crime.

So now you can get it all organized and you can start to make your meal planners.

I made some planners for you in my new collection Weekly Meal Planner, and I also give you a little freebie here to start with.

Thanksgiving is coming soon and you might want to plan your meals for the holidays. You can plan your week, month or just a day. From breakfast to dinner, and some snacks.

The planners in the collection will help you start your meal planner. Just print the black and white version to color and fill them yourself. Or use a colored version to go a bit faster. Of course you can paste the transparent planners on a background of your choice. The collection also includes many food doodles and word art to help you decorate the meal planners and make your lists.

You can also insert your own photos in the planners, if you have a photo or image of a recipe you already made you can use that to embellish the planner.

With this collection you will also have all you need to make beautiful pages to scrap all the photos you make during diners with your family, friends or alone.

This is the freebie, download it here:

And the collection, all parts are available separately or you can bundle up to save some money.

Here are some tips for you to make your Meal planner or shopping lists using your computer for it all or just to start and finish it on paper.

  • Make your planner the right size, portrait or landscape, depends on where you want to display it and how many items you want to paste on the planner.
  • You can make planners with each day of the week, of all meals of the day. 
  • If you make a shopping list, don’t make it too big, it will be easier to display it on a board, refrigerator etc. 
  • Start your planner on your computer by making the display in black and white, then print the planner so that you can fill it in with colorful pens. 
  • If you want some more color, print your bucket list or planner on colored paper or use the colored versions and background papers of your choice.

I do have many other planners my store here 

In case you missed my other articles, here are some tips to use the planners in MMS:
  • If you want to fill in your planner in MMS you can choose your own background, make it a color or a paper you like.
  • Then choose the size of your layout, you can choose any size you would like and then open the planner or bucket list on that page. 
  • After pasting your list or planner on the background you can fill it in with text, choosing the font you like in the color you want. And then you can embellish the list/planner. 
  • Of course you can create this yourself but you can also use the items from my kit or other scrapbook kits. 
  • You can also add some photos, of recipes, snacks etc. or use some embellishments from a scrapbook kit.
And if you save your project you can use it again next year or for another occasion.

Some examples for inspiration:


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