Thursday, September 12, 2019

Journaling & Dating Your Pages with WinksArt Graphics 
September 12, 2019
Journaling & Dating Your Pages

Hi, scrappers! I’m so happy to bring you this blog series about journaling and dating your creations. I know there are some of us who feel they don’t want to do much writing or feel that they may not be proficient in this area. DO NOT worry about grammar or other elements of writing so much that you talk yourself into not journaling!

The way you speak and write is endearing to those who love you and who you love. Your writings will be fun for them to read, and will spark memories of you as well as the subject person/people on the pages that you leave as a legacy.

I said this before, but I’ll say it again: Although scrapbook pages appeal to our highly visual selves, there is so much that writing can do to enhance your pages and memories. After all, isn’t that why we scrap… to keep the memories?

Just last week my husband, who is diabetic and has loss of feeling in his feet, and I went for a walk on the beach in Southern California and he burned his feet so badly in the sand that he had 2nd degree burns. He walked in sand after the blisters had broken and the skin came loose. He didn’t realize it was happening until we got back to the truck and he started to brush the sand off the bottom of his feet. (Sorry, this is gross, but I will make my point.) Needless to say, there is worry of infection, doctor appointments, learning how to dress this kind of wound, etc. Raw meat comes to mind. Ick!

My point is that even the worrisome, difficult, stressful times can be scrapbooked. Like many times that aren’t happy when we are experiencing them, they may be pretty funny later, when we’re not feeling the pain.

On this page I might describe Rick’s feet in more detail for the page I will save for family; didn’t want to make anyone sick here! ;D

I created this page with Autumn Afternoon. It’s 25% off in my shop through September 20th.

I hope you’ll accept this challenge to include journaling in your own way on your pages.

Wishing everyone well, and happy memories!


Valerie ;D
WinksArt Graphics 

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