Saturday, August 17, 2019

Designer Tip from ADB Designs


Hi everyone!

This Saturday I am going to talk about clustering and some tips to help you up your game as you create them on your pages.

First of all, not everyone likes the same thing.That is the wonderful thing about scrapbooking. It is a personal as can be and no one gets to judge what you like! We are all unique and it makes our pages so special because we are.

There are some techniques to help you improve your clustering:
1. base your cluster on a shape
the basic outline of the shape should be roughly followed; you do not have to be precise!
shapes like: a triangle, diamond, crescent, double diamond, hollow circle, etc.
2. be sure to add shadows to the pieces to provide depth
no need to make them too deep, a light touch is best in the beginning
3. use a variety of elements from your stash. Use ribbons, bow, buttons, scatters, plenty of foliage and flowers.
4. Repeat your use of some elements and change their orientation and size to vary their look.
5. Select a focal point for the cluster and make sure the elements chosen enhance the focal point.
6. odd numbers are most pleasing to the eye...for example: odd numbers of yellow flowers, or odd numbers of foliage choices.

Here is a sample cluster from my exclusive collection this month: A BLESSING OF BIRDSONG COLLECTION as a gift for you. Just click on the preview to go to my store and add it to your cart.


You will notice the shape of the cluster Pia used is appx. a 1/4 moon. She used the foliage and ribbon to help create the shape. She used three flowers (an odd number) and the rose in the center on top is her focal point.

Here is a link to the collection and a preview of the Bundle product and some layouts from my Creative Team for inspiration.

Happy scrapping,
ADB Designs

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Jerzy said...

Thank you, Diane, for these tips! Doing random clusters never sat well with my perfectionistic, need-a-method personality. I really appreciate all the How-to posts My Memories has been doing lately. It's very inspirational!