Sunday, July 7, 2019

Scrap your vacation pages with FranB Designs

Hello! I am Fran from FranB Designs and today is the first day of my blog series! Scrapping vacations is my favorite thing to scrap and I am always needing to get them done, so not only am I hoping to inspire you to get more vacation pages done, but I want to get more pages done for my family too!

This series will be once a month and each month there will be a coordinating challenge on the My Memories forum too! Follow the instructions in the challenge each month and you will get a little gift from me for participating. :)

For my first post in the series, I am going to start all the way at the beginning - the planning phase! Gather your vacation photos, sort them how you like and make any corrections to your photos, remove red eyes, brighten your photos, etc. And then it’s time to plan! (I love to plan!)

Decide which photos you wish to put in your scrapbook and how you want to sort them. You can decide how many pages you wish to complete for your vacation book, particularly useful if you get a bound photobook! Did you take a day trip and want to use a bunch of photos on one page, or did you do many different activities and have lots of topics to separate into different pages. After sorting your photos, then you need to choose which scrapbook kits to use - shopping is the fun part! Well, scrapping is fun too!

Once you have a plan, it’s time to jump in! Grab some photos and choose your kits and let’s get scrapping!

Here are some pages from my CT members highlighting vacations using my Cruisin’ kit.

And some fun pages using my Happy Place collection.

Scrapping vacations is so much fun. You get to relive the fun and good times that you shared with your loved ones and it brings a smile to your face when you look at them!

Be sure to join me on the forum for my challenge!

Fran :)

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Figmentville said...

I made my first-ever digital page for our challenge, but the forum said my email address (which I've had since 2007) is spam. How can I register and participate