Thursday, July 25, 2019

An Eye for Design: Using Design Principles to Create Stunning Pages
Hi, again, scrapping friends! Im Deborah of Digi Deborah Designs and I’m back for my second round of An Eye for DesignUsing Design Principles to Create Stunning Pages. Last time we talked about Negative Space and this time I want to show you how making clusters can dramatically enhance the Negative Space look. All the elements I’m using in this blog post come from my newest release called Summer Treats. 

First we’re going to start with a photo frame.

I’m then going to add some leaves:

and duplicate the element a couple of times:


After that, it’s time to add a ribbon and some buttons:


Now, to make it more balanced, we want to put some more buttons on the left side of the flower:


Then, to even it out on the right side, let’s add a bow… now the cool thing about this, is we are going to copy and repeat this element in various places throughout the cluster.


Here, we resize the element much smaller and place it along the banner and make a tiny cluster of bows at the right end of the banner.

 Lastly, we can finish it all off with bows on top of some of a couple of the buttons and at the knot on the ribbon:

 Now we have our finished Cluster Frame! Beautiful, isn’t it!

 Another neat thing is that this cluster can also be rotated 90º counter clockwise so it can stand upright. That’s exactly what I did with this FREEBIE Quick Page I have for you. Just click on the preview to go to the product in the Digi Deborah Designs shoppe at MyMemories.
And tomorrow there will be another FREEBIE in the MyMemories newsletter. It coordinates perfectly with the entire Summer Treats Collection. It’s a pair of Quick Pages and here’s the preview: 


Make sure to look out for your FREEBIE in the newsletter and I I hope you enjoyed my Blog Series today. I’m actually back again next week with another installment. So until then, Happy Scrapping!!


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