Sunday, April 14, 2019

Scrapping My Everyday with Memory Mosaic

Hi, my name is Joy.  I am the designer behind, Memory Mosaic here at My Memories.  Welcome to my Blog Series “Scrapping my Everyday”.  I find that it is fairly easy to make special pages for all those big special events in our lives, but when it comes to making a page about our everyday life, or the “mundane” it becomes a bit trickier. This year I lost my Mom, and realized that the photos and the memories that meant the most to me, (while all are very precious) were those that just caught everyday life.  So I want to encourage you to scrap about even the most “mundane” things happening in your life, because in the end, these pieces of your life, will also be part of the beautiful Memory Mosaic you leave behind for your children and families. 

This month, I want you to think about making some pages using those photos you have taken, that aren’t attached to any specific celebration or big event.  I read not long ago that “the most photographed generation would have nothing to show for it in 50 years.” Why?  Because we take tons of photos now, BUT, hardly ever print anything.  Let’s make sure our Grand Children and Great Grand Children have photos to look back on that document our lives.

The beautiful thing about Digital Scrapbooking is that you can use kits you purchase over and over again.  But, if you are like me, often you purchase a kit for a specific event, and then it is hard to “think outside the box” to figure out ways to use that kit for other things.  I am going to share some layouts with you and the kits used, and maybe it will give you some ideas.

In this First layout.  My wonderful Creative Team Member, Barbara, used my “Paradise Island” collection, to create a layout documenting working around her Florida home.  To be honest, when I created this kit, I seriously never thought about it being used for anything but scraping a holiday and vacation photos!  I LOVE how she stretched outside of the box, and came up with this great layout.
All kids love to dress up, right?  Here is a cute layout done using my “Hidden Treasures Bundle Pack”.   It highlights a great photo of a little “Pirate”.
Here is a layout I made using my “Aimee’s Valentine Bundle”.  It was just a layout to highlight “My Loves” at this point in my life.  It had absolutely nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.  Just listing some of my “Blessings”.

Now here are a few other layouts that might give ideas of some more “every day” events or “every day photos” you could scrap.

I am hosting 2 challenges on the forum this month.  Check them out under “Pieces of our Lives with Memory Mosaic

The first one will started April 4 and run all month.  It will be Scrapping your Everyday…  If you post a layout by the end of the month, I will send you a FREEBIE that is given to everyone that participates.


The 2nd challenge, starts April 16 and is my monthly “Sketch Challenge”.  Each month I supply you with a sketch for an idea, and challenge you to scrap about a particular theme.  I also put the links for my blog, where you can grab my Monthly Blog Train Freebie along with all the links for the rest of this month’s train. 

Hope to see your beautiful layouts in my challenge threads, in the My Memories Forum.

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