Monday, April 22, 2019

Scraplift for Fun with Tracey of Clever Monkey Graphics! 

Tracey from Clever Monkey Graphics here to bring a new article to my Blog Series. Today’s 
focus is “USE YOUR STASH”. You may have noticed the store is taking on a little bit of a new 
look as we designers work on updating all our previews. I’m loving the new look and loving how 
easily customers can now see the basic terms of use with kits. But I digress, as I worked my 
way through my store I kept coming on products that my creative team had used once but with 
the plethora of new kits coming their way, they didn’t go back to these products again after they 
were done their initial layouts.  My team did go back to use old kits (combo packs) but not 
embellishment packs. Embellishment packs are often easy to incorporate time and again into 

So I highlighted these products to my creative team and told them they were fine to use them 
with current layouts including what they had been making with my new releases Spring Floral 
and Postage Stamp Frames.

Here are a few results of my reminding my own creative team that these exist:

Susie used both the Wood Frames No.1 and the Stamp Alpha along with Spring Floral.

Amanda added the Wood Frames No.1 and the Digital Geometry Stamps 
to Spring Floral and Postage Stamp Frames.

Susie uses the Digital Geometry Stamps with Spring Floral and another 
frame from her stash to create this wonderful page.

I took on the challenge myself & adjusted a layout adding the wood frames, 
the stamp alpha, and the digital geometry stamps.

The Digital Geometry Stamps add texture, balance, and interest to pages. Fill in a spot that is  
too plain. The pack is filled with all sorts of stamp allowing it to be used in all sorts of layouts.

The Stamp Alpha which came with a heavier paint version and a lighter paint version is narrow 
which allows you to easily add larger words and adds a crafty, artsy, even organic feel to your 

The Wood Frames No.1 must be my most under-utilized product. They come with a certain 
amount of shadow all in place though you can add your own on top of that. There are highlights 
and shadows on the frames themselves which makes them simply spectacular! The pack 
contains a large variety of shapes and styles. I call these wood frames but they really look like 
wood paper that has been cut out and bent a bit where tabs go over your photos.

So this was just a sampling spurred on by my pointing things out to my team. Don’t hesitate to 
dig into your digi stash to find a flower you want, or an arrow, or the perfect frame. Sometimes 
layouts made by picking and choosing items from a bunch of kits are the best!

Let me show you one last amazing example of using your stash… this layout by my creative 
team member Cindy grabbed from a large variety of my kits - how fun is this!!!


In ending I have a coupon code for you. In order to use the coupon you will need $10 worth of 
my products in your cart and then the coupon will give you 20% off. Coupon ends on April 30th.
Coupon Code:  TMTM20

See you all next month - and meanwhile watch for exciting new releases coming for DSD in 

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