Thursday, April 18, 2019

Organizing Your Scrap Stuff with MagsGraphics

Hey Scrappy Friends,

This is Mags from MagsGraphics - In today's video, I'm going to talk to you about organizing all of those scrap kits and freebies you've stockpiled as well as how to streamline your folders to make them the most compatible with MyMemories Suite (and really any other software you might use). I'll also share a trick to customizing your browser to direct your downloads various folders of your choice, and I'm going to share my latest kit and a FREEBIE!

Click on the video to watch:

For people who like a written reference, here are the products and websites used in this tutorial:

MyMemories Groups & Pages to join & follow:
Also - In case you were wondering, the amazing photo that is my laptop wallpaper is of a snowy road in Sweden captured by photographer, Magnus Hindsjö. I LOVE snow - so this way, I get to have a peaceful, snowy scene ALL year around!

Thanks for watching my video! Now be sure to stop by the MagsGraphic Gallery Showcase Group on Facebook to show off your latest layouts! 


Anonymous said...

This was helpful! Thanks for taking the time to do the video! I didn't know I could layer papers as embellishments, and it is so much quicker than creating shapes and filling them. Also, keeping folders outside MyMemories software makes sense. When I took my misbehaving computer in a few weeks ago, the Geek Squad told me they could not reinstall the software and it made me wonder what would happen to everything in the components folders. Is it even able to be restored off an external drive from those folders? I really don't want to find out the hard way....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the helpful video! I'm excited to organize my kits and be able to find things. I also appreciate the is so cute I had to get the full kit :)

Digitalscrapper Becky said...

Great information. I prefer to have the designers name at the front also. And I store my kits on an external drive.

It would be so great if the My Memories kits didn't have all the extra "stuff". I too go into those files and get rid of the "junk". Unfortunately, this is time consuming and time that I could instead be scrapbooking. Anything you could do to make them change their system would be greatly appreciated

Kathy Stern said...

Thanks so much for the video. It was a huge help. Do you have a list you could share of the folders you've created?