Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Meet Featured Designer Day Dreams 'n Designs!

I have been designing since 2015 and love it more than scrapbooking! Here’s a fun story about me:
When my husband and I started dating we talked about taking things slow. We had pretty much seen each other every day for just over a one week before he brought up marriage! That was not taking things slowly to me. But after 3 weeks I knew he was the one (he claims to have known after just a few days) and at 6 weeks of dating we were engaged. Our families were shocked and it took them a little bit to come around. But 6 weeks after our engagement we were married. Now almost 17 years later and with 3 kids we couldn’t be happier! I’m a dance mom, karate mom, and kid taxi driver most days but they love doing it all and I love watching it!

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