Thursday, September 13, 2018

Documenting your life with ADB Designs


The last blast of summer...this is what I was thinking about when I created The Painted Garden.  I am not quite ready to jump into autumn. I still have summer photos of grandchildren to scrap. I still have flower pictures to scrap (I love close ups).  I needed a soft and beautiful garden collection in the watercolor style so many of  us love.

Q80 (prompt)

I have heard several people bemoan the fact that many of the photos in "the box" they inherited are not of people but rather: flowers, neighbors, places visited by their parents and grandparents and more. I understand the frustration of the genealogist, however, this is an opportunity to scrap the photos you have and TELL A STORY about the taker of the photo. Journaling becomes the reason for the page and the photos help reveal the personality of who you are telling about.  Try it, you'll like it. LOL

Here it is a page starter gift from THE PAINTED GARDEN, a beautiful kit for multiple photos and story telling:

And here is THE PAINTED GARDEN COLLECTION and some beautiful layouts from my Creative Team to provide you with ideas you might incorporate into your own layouts.

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