Thursday, March 15, 2018

Documenting your life with ADB Designs

Just when I think winter is loosening it's grip on the heartland  ... boom! we get an unexpected snowstorm.  I hope you are staying warm and comfortable where you are and for those folks who are recovering from bad weather, I wish you a speedy and safe clean up! 

Q68 (prompt)

How did you entertain yourself as a child when bad weather kept you indoors?  What did your parents tell you about the bad weather times they experienced?  What do you children or grandchildren do?   Tell the story with words as well as pictures; if you have no pictures, just use words.  The stories we tell ... even of the most mundane activities will captivate those who read them later AND they will know you better as a result.

This week I am featuring my newest collection: WINTER GARDEN.  As a child I lived very near a greenhouse and florist. My best friend was the granddaughter of the owner. When we were bored with dolls or coloring we would visit the shop and play with the pieces of ribbon and the cast off flowers.  I loved the smell of all the flowers. I was constantly amazed by the HUGE boxes of flowers that arrived weekly. As I was working on this new collection, Winter Garden, I was brought back to those memories and the magic of fragrant and beautiful fresh flowers in the middle of winter.





Here are some layouts from my Creative Team to provide inspiration:

Happy scrapping & I would love to see some of your layouts!


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