Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Wednesday challenge brought to you by Day Dreams 'n Designs!

This week’s December challenge is from Day Dreams ‘n Designs.

Have you ever browsed layouts on Pinterest, forums, or galleries and found some you love but want to put your own little twist on it? Well this week’s challenge is encouraging just that. The following are a few layouts from my Creative Team using Sugar ‘n Spice. Your challenge is to pick one of the layouts and scraplift it. That means find something you like about it and incorporate it in your own layout. Your layout should not be a replica but just take 1 or 2 items you like and create your own layout. Whether it be the photo placements, the clustering, the theme, the shapes, etc. Have fun and be creative! This collection along with my entire store is 50% off right now!




Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this kit as Christmas cookies with icing are one of my favorites! The scrap lift idea is a good one which I did on the second picture down.

I would like to post my page on the Forum, but can't figure out how to do this. If you would start a posting, I will put my picture in. Thanks! Linda (aka Blondecrouton)

Unknown said...

Hello Linda!

Thank you so much for this sweet comment! We would love for you to post your page in our forum! You can post it in the Wednesday challenge section via the link below :)