Monday, October 30, 2017

Documenting your life with ADB Designs

I just returned from an extended weekend genealogy research trip to southern Illinois. My husband enjoyed himself  outside with wonderful weather and I spent hours in the Greene County Historical Society research room reading files and going through old books and ledgers. We both had a marvelous time!  

I am still no closer to knowing who the Irish ancestors are that made my grandmother believe we were Irish, but I met some wonderful people who have lived in the area their entire lives and whose ancestors farmed the land they live on now.  We will be going back in the future to research some more. I can't wait!


What story(s) are a part of the fabric of your family history? Who told them to you first? How firmly are they believed? What research have you done (if any) to prove or disprove the story?

Enjoy yourself. Scrap your family AND your own story. 

Here is my latest Heritage/Vintage collection, TIME TRAVELER, and it is perfect for scrapping this question.






Here are some wonderful layouts made by my Creative Team to provide you some inspiration:








Wishing you "Happy Scrapping!"
ADB Designs

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Joan said...

I love genealogy also and very lovely cards!