Wednesday, August 16, 2017

MyMemories Wednesday challenge hosted by Happy Scrap Arts!

I made a free word art mini pack for this challenge.

The rules are simple: go and download the free word art mini in my store here.
It will be free for 1 week so until august 23th.

Then use at least one of the word arts to make a page. You can use both if you like.

This freebie is matching my new collection It's YOUR Birthday, part of the MyMemories blogtrain.
So you can use my part of the blogtrain to make your page.

These are the other parts available in my store

Some pages made by my CT

 Please post your pages here in the forum: 

And don't forget to send your finished pages also to for a chance to win 45% off your next design shop purchase! 

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Unknown said...

Hello Melony! Thank you for your comment :) There won't be a part 2 for this challenge but we do have a challenge on Wednesday's. You can search them under the key word Wednesday Challenge! It's based on designer participation so there hasn't been one for a while, but we are hoping to post more!