Friday, August 4, 2017

Documenting your life with ADB Designs

This is your story.  Do it YOUR way.  I write in my journal and scrap pages inspired by my journal entries. Two of my CT journal directly on their scrapbook pages and don't keep a separate paper journal. Others keep only a paper or computer journal and are waiting to create the scrapbook pages at a later date. There is no wrong way to do this, just pick up pen or mouse and DO IT. You can join me at any time with this series. You can scrap just the questions/prompts that inspire you, or all of them. You can scrap from the current question and go forward, or you can start at question 1 and move through them in order. 

Each post (every other week) I will share the current question/prompt and layouts created by myself, my creative team or scrapbooking friends.  

Note about sharing layouts from Cole:

We would LOVE for you to share YOUR layout's with us! Just create a 600x600 px jpg layout and email it to Cole subject line D.Y.L Layout!   With your permission, I will post it to the MyMemories BLOG DYL Series (right here), Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.  Along with your layout, please do include the question/prompt number and the name of the My Memories designer(s) and the name of their product(s) you used.  If you would like to post it directly to our MyMemories Facebook wall please click HERE. You can also post your layouts in the MyMemories Forum HERE.

Summer is drawing down ... children and grandchildren will be returning to school in a couple of weeks -- at least here in Nebraska they return to school mid-August.

Before that happens, there are lots of end of summer activities: the county and then the state fair, garden goodies to preserve for the coming months, shopping for school clothes and supplies, and just plain fun in the sun!


What special end of the summer activities do you remember or end-of-summer stories from your parents or grandparents do you recall? 

My brand new Bohemian Style collection (releasing on Monday Aug 7) is a summery mix of blooms and foliage and bits of ephemera for fun. Ready to help you scrap those end of summer activities, past or present.  Here are some layouts from my Creative Team to provide some scrapping inspiration.








Happy Scrapping!

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