Thursday, April 13, 2017

Scrap your feelings and sentiments with Caroline B.

Hello, I am Caroline B., a long time designer at Mymemories, and Art Lover, but you may know that already if you follow my Inspired by Art challenges. 
If, like me, you are shy and introvert, scrapbooking (like Art) is an easy way to say or express what you feel by using another media than words.
So I will propose HERE a WORD to trigger, to start off, to launch a mental process wich will inspires you to make new pages and express yourselves.
Today let's be ANGRY  
 Layout made by New 2 this with Once Upon a Time

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Garden Path Quilts said...

Hoping I can get some help here. I've purchased MM8 this past week. I've looked through many tutorials on YouTube for information on how to use this program, but many of the tutorials are very outdated - many are 5 yrs. old. The screenshots of their version of MM do not look like my screenshots of version 8. I don't know where to begin to learn how to use this new program! Is there a tutorial somewhere that will take me step-by-step?

I've downloaded the help files from my program, but they only tell what each button is for and where to find it. I'm not told HOW to use the program! I can't believe I'm the only one with this trouble!
Thanks for any help.