Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Month by Month blog series with Albums to Remember

This month we are scrapbooking layouts that have 2 photos. Please visit the forum to take part in my monthly challenge based on these layouts. 

There are many ways to create layouts with just 2 photos. You can group your photos and leave a lot of white space, use 1 large photo and one small photo, 

Kit used is Construct It. This layout works so well with the group of 2 photos, an embellishment cluster behind to draw your eye to the photo group and a lot of white space so nothing else distracts you on the page. 

This layout works well with 2 photos by highlighting the main photo by making it large. Details of the house they are working on is highlighted in the smaller photo by the title. You could draw even more attention to the smaller photo by creating a larger white border around it. Kit used is Sister Bundle.

The key to getting this layout to look balanced is that Jonyce added a shape in for her journaling and balance it out with a couple of embellishment clusters. In this case you don't want to leave the left hand corner blank because it may make the page look unbalanced. Add something large to the left corner. Kit used is Time to Travel Pack

Try putting both of your photos into a circle. This confines them and helps them not to get lost on the page. Add some embellishments to finish off the theme and you have a fun page. Note that this page is busy and the frames really help to bring focus onto the photos. When you are using a lot of embellishments it is a good idea to use a frame to draw attention to where you want the viewer to look. Kit used is Doctor Doctor.

Have fun creating!


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