Friday, February 10, 2017

Designer Tip with Sunshine Inspired Designs

Sunshine Inspired Tip

Hi there, I'm Ania, the designer behind Sunshine Inspired Designs. And I'm here to share with you my favorite scrapbooking tips.

Use the same photo multiple times on your layout. 

Recently I talked with Kathleen, SID’s Creative Team Member about using the same photo multiple times on a layout. Sometimes you just have one photo that you love and want to emphasize it in your layout. But using it ones doesn’t give it the justice and you know using the same photo multiple times through the layout will make it pop. This technique is also used as a powerful design style in creating pages. 

This topic inspired me to share with you three of my favorite techniques you can use to incorporate your photo using one of these design tips on your layout.

Tip 1. Use it as a background in black and white - One of my favorite ways to incorporate the same image on a layout is using it on the background layer in black and white so it doesn't take away the attention from the main colored version of the image. Your background layer can be black and white, can be sepia, you can also blend it with your background paper using blending modes and changing the opacity. 

Tip 2. Use different post processing techniques - To give your photo more powerful effect, you can use different post processing techniques which will give your layout the impact you are looking for. If you are just starting out your journey with photo edits start with basic color version, black and white and/or sepia tones but remember that the possibilities are endless. Using this technique draws attention to the scrapbooker’s/artist’s varying takes on a single photo on a layout. 

Tip 3. Use different crops of the same image - This technique is also perfect when you want to emphasize the story you are telling. By cropping your photo, you are bringing the focus to the moment in life or a loved one you want to chronicle on your page.

Here is my take on this tip: Some of you may know that I love minimalistic style layouts and the example above is perfect to show you that this technique can be used in this style as well. Using multiple photos doesn’t mean you need to have a busy layout if that is not your style.

Now that you read all these fun ideas join me in the Sunshine Inspired Challenge in the forum and create a layout using one of these techniques and a kit from Sunshine Inspired Designs. Everyone who post their layout by the due date will receive a product of your choice from SID's store up to $3 value. 

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