Thursday, October 13, 2016

Designer Tip by Happy Scrap Arts!

Using Tape
by Happy Scrap Arts

 Using scotch tape in digital scrapbooking, did you ever tried that? You can use it just like other fasteners you use in your digital scrapbook pages. Like staples, brads etc.  
You can use them to attach a photo to your paper or you can use little bits of scotch tape and fix your photo on the corners. What about using a frame, with scotch tape on the corners so that you can use it on several photos on your digital scrapbook pages, you can fix more than 1 photo in the same way on your page. You can use a different scotch tape on each corner, that way it looks more real.

You can also use scotch tape to fix tags, ropes and even some branches with leaves and flowers. You can make wonderful clusters using a scotch tape to fix it on the paper.
And did you think about using tape just to embellish your pages or to use them as tags and write names, dates or other journaling on them? It’s a great way to use tape and make beautiful layouts.

There is also the embossing tape, they are really great for journaling on your page. The words are already on them and all you have to do is combine some of them and paste them on your page.


I have many tape kits in my store. 
Most of them matches a kit or collection so that you can use a matching tape for each kit.



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