Monday, August 22, 2016

Month by Month Blog Series with Albums to Remember

August 2016

Back to School - teachers and students are going back to school. Take some photos of school shopping, first day, classroom.

Kit is School

Holidays - what did you do that was special in August

Kit is Outdoor Play

Kit is Tropical Cruise - this kit can be used for beach photos too.

Weekend Activities - what do you like to do on the weekend? Read, have friends over for a BBQ, bake, show us what you do with your free time.

Kit is Sweet Summer - berry picking, gardening, hanging out in your yard.....

September Ideas:

Ice Cream - our family enjoys going for ice cream on a nice September evening. How about yours? Take some photos of yourself or your family enjoying a delicious treat.

Appointments - fall is when we usually go for all our check-ups. Dentist, optometrist, doctor, etc. Got to get all those appointments in before school starts! Take some photos of your appointments. If you don’t want to take photos in the office how about outside and journal about where is it, how long of a drive, how long have you been seeing this doctor. It may be neat for future generations to look back and see how we used to do things.


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